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A Prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory 



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Blessed Cardinal Henry Newman upon the ancient Rite 

Blessed. Cardinal John Henry Newman upon the unchangeable ancient Roman Rite of Rome. He mentions the third century since Pope Saint Gregory I had codified the ancient Roman Rite within the Roman / Western Rite Church, later being repeated by Pope Euguene The Third through Cardinal Torcumalta, Pope Pius III, Pope Pius V, The Council of Trent, and Pope Pius X in Tre La Secollundini for all time, henceforth it is unchangeable and no new rites can be constructed by any Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, Priest etc. 

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Know your vestments part 2. Slide 2/2

Vestments 9Vestments 10Vestments 11Vestments 12Vestments 13Vestments 14Vestments 15Vestments 16Vestments 17Vestments 18Vestments 19vestments 20Vestments 21


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