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Modernist propaganda used by the synod Cardinals


Recently the Catholic News Service has released a video titled: Pope Francis’ family mission. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you pay close attention you can detect that it is filled with nothing but modernist propaganda.

How so? While watching it you will notice that there is a huge emphasis upon world disasters, “pastoral solutions” to respond to the crises on the family, and even “a new tone” as Cardinal Dolan puts it.

Not only that, in the middle of the 20 minute video a young adult male mentions how he, as a homosexual, was in fear of making known his sexual orientation since he knew that his father would most likely kick him out of his home due to his objection to homosexual unions. Subjectively speaking; this is most likely why the modernist bishops were the only ones featured in the video in the first place. My only question is this, why weren’t the Conservative bishops featured? Why were modernist heretics such as Wuelr, Dolan, Kasper etc. the only ones speaking? I mean its not like they don’t object dogma, right? If the only topic at the synod was to address the crises on the family due to divorce and remarriage, then why was homosexuality brought up to begin with? Is it because they desire to slowly change dogma, which is impossible?

      – Jimmy Papist Moment ahead –

Oh come on, TAB, I think you’re overreacting! I mean, Kasper is faithful to Tradition after all. Right? Hahaha

And the sarcasm begins…


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Life Queen Eucharistic “adoration” abuse.. 

 Welcome to Protestantism; friends.

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The Crises after Vatican II – Altar Girls

It was in the late 1960’s – early 1970’s that the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ began to spread like wildfire; both among the laity and even the clergy. The ‘Spirit of Vatican II” is the very notion that the Catholic Church and the ideas of the world can co-exist in the light of the Second Vatican Council, thus the heresy of modernism that His Holiness Pope Pius X has condemned because of the very fact that modernism involves questioning revealed truths that Catholics are bound to accept, such as the miracles in the bible, dogma, the existence of God, etc. henceforth Pope Pius X’s statement that “The evolution of dogmas is only the corruption of dogmas” since this is exactly what the modernists push for; the change in church teaching. Not only has the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ been praised by the modernist clergy – in which has later corrupted the faith among many Catholics including seminarians -; it has also corrupted the liturgy which aims us towards the very center of our faith, the worship of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI stated in 1977 the following:
“I am convinced that the crises in the Church we are experiencing today is, to a large extent, due to the disintegration of the liturgy”.

Since the corruption of the liturgy was coming from the modernist hierarchy in order to ‘please’ those who belong to false religions as a result of false ecumenism so they would ‘convert’ to Catholicism (watering down truth in order to convert heretics and those outside the church is the Heresy of Americanism that Pope Leo XIII condemned), many abuses were later initiated into the liturgy and heresy began to be taught from the pulpits. This explains why in the year of 1965 Germany began to allow females to serve at the altar in order to have ‘equality’ among both genders and so that nobody would feel ‘excluded’ which only resulted in scandal, thus the collapse in priestly vocations. The practice of allowing females to serve at the altar was condemned by Rome several times including the year of 1970 in the document titled “Litugicae Instaurationes”.

Because many began to ignore the instructions of Rome; the practice of altar girls began to spread as one of the many liturgical abuses, which later lead more innovation to creep within the Church after the release of Pope John Paul II’s 1983 Code of Canon law. Since the new code of canon law in Canon 230 #2 stated that “Lay persons can fulfill the function of lector in liturgical actions by temporary designation. All lay persons can also perform the functions of commentator or cantor, or other functions, according to the norm of law.”; it later lead those who support liturgical feminism to interpret it in such a fashion that it validates their abuse since this canon does not specifically address that males are to be the only ones that play this role in the liturgy.

Since there were many interpretations upon this very canon, the Pontifical council on June 30th, 1992 had to investigate upon this matter. The conclusion was that this canon allows females to serve at the altar, which was later given perfect approval as a correct interpretation by Pope John Paul II a month later on July 11th. (I would even argue that it was pressured upon him since he openly spoke out against the practice..)
In 1994 a document from the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts gave some room for the novel practice of “female altar servers” under political pressure from the U.S., but nevertheless insisted that “the obligation to support groups of altar boys will always remain…” (Another reasoning for my belief that It was forced).

Since we are not bound to accept His Holiness Pope John Paul II’s decision, and because it contradicts Catholicity in itself, we are obliged to critique innovation, even when it comes from the Pope himself since he is not infallible in his actions that contradict the true faith. The practice of allowing young boys to serve at the altar is to help them discern their vocation to the priesthood since they are witnessing and even assisting the priest at the altar. To allow females to serve at the altar is to say that females can also become priests, which even Pope John Paul II infallibly prohibited in his Apostolic letter ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’.

Let us not also forget His Holiness Pope Benedict XIV’s statement in his encyclical Allatae Sunt of 26 July 1755 which states the following:

“Pope Gelasius in his ninth letter (chap. 26) to the bishops of Lucania condemned the evil practice which had been introduced of women serving the priest at the celebration of Mass. Since this abuse had spread to the Greeks, Innocent IV strictly forbade it in his letter to the bishop of Tusculum: “Women should not dare to serve at the altar; they should be altogether refused this ministry.” We too have forbidden this practice in the same words in Our oft-repeated constitution Etsi Pastoralis, sect. 6, no. 21.” (The role of allowing lay males to serve was approved in the 10th century to substitute for Acolytes – a minor order before becoming a priest.)

(Warning! Jimmy Papist moment ahead!)

Jimmy Papist

“Oh come on TAB, you’re being a Pharisee! Allowing females to serve at the altar helps them discern their vocation to the religious life!”

This is an absurd argument since nuns were never given a role to assist the priest at mass as acolytes, nor are they dressed in masculine clothing anymore than a priest is dressed as a nun in a habit. If one really wants to discern a vocation to the religious life, my advice would be to visit different convents and to pray that the Holy Spirit guides you in the right direction.

I will close with a few quotes to keep in mind.

His Eminence Cardinal Burke:
““If we are not training young men as altar boys, giving them an experience of serving God in the liturgy, we should not be surprised that vocations have fallen dramatically”

1970 Pope Paul VI said in Liturgicae Instaurationes, “In conformity with norms traditional in the Church, women (single, married, religious), whether in churches, homes, convents, schools, or institutions for women, are barred from serving the priest at the altar.”

And in 1980 Pope John Paul II stated in Inaestimabile Donum, “There are, of course, various roles that women can perform in the liturgical assembly: these include reading of the Word of God and proclaiming the intentions of the Prayer of the Faithful. Women are not, however, permitted to act as altar servers.”

“They knew only too well the intimate bond which unites faith with worship, ‘the law of belief with the law of prayer,’ and so, under the pretext of restoring it to its primitive form, they corrupted the order of the liturgy in many respects to adapt it to the errors of the Innovators.” – Pope Leo XIII, Apostolicae Curae, September 13, 1896

Pope Saint Pius X
“But for Catholics nothing will remove the authority of the second Council of Nicea, where it condemns those ‘who dare, after the impious fashion of heretics, to deride the ecclesiastical traditions, to invent novelties of some kind . . . or endeavor by malice or craft to overthrow any one of the legitimate traditions of the Catholic Church’. . . . Wherefore the Roman Pontiffs, Pius IV and Pius IX, ordered the insertion in the profession of faith of the following declaration: ‘I most firmly admit and embrace the apostolic and ecclesiastical traditions and other observances and constitutions of the Church’.” – Pope St Pius X, Encyclical Against Modernism (Pascendi)

“The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators, but men of tradition.” – Pope St. Pius X

Second Council of Nicea

  • “If anyone rejects any written or unwritten tradition of the Church, let him be anathema.”
  • “Let everything that conflicts with ecclesiastical tradition and teaching, and that has been innovated and done contrary to the examples outlined by the saints and hereafter at any time be done in such a fashion, be anathema.”

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Catholic humor – Altar Girls..? Yeah right! 


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Pope Gregory XVI on the destruction of the liturgy

We often hear from our beloved clerics that the statistics in Mass attendance are decreasing and the faith of many of those who identify as Catholic has been lost. How often do you see what I identify as “holiday catholics”; that being Catholics that only attend Mass on specific feast days and holidays out of routine but do not actually care about the faith nor think about it? 

We often hear about this “new evangelization” from the hierarchy. The question is this; what progress have we made from this “new evangelization”? Sadly, many clerics would interpret a “new evangelization” as a way of converting those outside the church and even inside by using watered down theology and liturgy in order to be accepted and “pastoral”. What are the results of this?

 The lukewarmness of the faith since our beloved prelates have been mislead with a plague from Satan that only deceives souls, something we need to take to prayer so our beloved clerics may notice their errors, strive for holiness, and conquor over Satan’s attacks and all of Hell itself. 

What better prayer is there than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? What liturgies are better than those accepted by the Council of Trent for all time; that being the Latin Rites of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern rites, in which explicitly express Catholic orthodoxy? As the angelic doctor of the Church Saint Thomas Aquinas has repeated: “Lex Oriendi, Lex Credendi”. The way we pray is how we will believe; and boy wasn’t he right? 

Let’s be honest here; when the ways of the world are initiated in the liturgy in order to “connect with the people” and to “get with the times” we only see the negative results that the hierarchy complains about. My only question is this; what did you expect? If we believe in the false doctrines of the world and teach it from the pulpits or dismiss them and justify them rather than teaching Catholic truth; the faithful will obviously accept the doctrines of the world as okay and even infallible in some cases. If we pray like the world by bringing in a folk band while Father Gregory dances infront of the Altar and Sister Nancy hands out communion with her fellow extraordinary ministers in jeans and t shirts; the whole essence of the Sacririce of Calvery will be lost and only decrease the faith of the flock since dogma is hardly practiced nor taught anymore. 

Solution? Bring back the Latin Mass. Bring back Catholic orthodoxy and identity. Remove innovation. 

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Cardinal Sarah upon Ad Orientem

A brother in Christ has pointed out a article to me in which I found to be quite interesting. The quote that stood out to me was the one found within this very image upon Ad Orientem. As much as I am not a fan of Vatican 2 and conclude that it’s only a pastoral council (which Paul VI repeated himself), none the less this faithful Cardinal has repeated something that is nothing but pure truth. While he stated some other things such as suggesting we must listen to the council for traditional Catholicism (he is obviously mislead) he also states the following in which we see to be the case within the Novus Ordo Mass.

“The contemporary Western way of thinking, shaped by technology and dazzled by the media, has wished to turn the liturgy into a lucrative production. In this spirit, many have tried to make the celebrations festive. Prompted by pastoral motives, liturgical ministers sometimes stage celebrations into which elements of worldly entertainment are introduced. Have we not witnessed a proliferation of testimonials, acts, and applause? It is imagined that this will foster the participation of the faithful, when in fact it reduces the liturgy to a human plaything.”
To all of the Novus Ordo priests viewing this; if you won’t take the criticism from me, take it from a cardinal instead. 

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The USCCB and the “insults” upon Father Barron. 

 So the USCCB rejected to respond to my concerns. What concerns you might say? Well.. The very fact that Father Barron, the priest who believes that Hell is almost empty and that nobody really goes there, is being appointed a Bishop. I simply asked how does one  who rejects dogma: – therefore a heretic – get the pass and the right to become a ordained Shepard of the Church? Wouldn’t this harm souls? I think so. Even though they removed my previous comments, take a look at the conversation below in which a remnant remained upon the page until I was banned. 



Wait for it.. Wait for it.. (Banned from speaking further). 


The Catechism of Trent states: These abodes are not all of the same nature, for among them is that most loathsome and dark prison in which the souls of the damned are tormented with the unclean spirits in eternal and inextinguishable fire. This place is called gehenna, the bottomless pit, and is hell strictly so-called.” 

What I do not get is how those within the Concilliar hierarchy always emphasize upon a “new evangelization” that was called for by Pope John Paul II, yet In his 1994 book, ‘Crossing the Threshold of Hope’, Pope John Paul II wrote that too often “preachers, catechists, teachers no longer have the courage to preach the threat of hell” (p. 183). 

If our job as Catholics isn’t to preach the Gospel to all nations so we can announce the truth for their salvation and give them the sacraments, then what is it, Barron & USCCB?  Even the new Catechism states:

“”The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, ‘eternal fire.’ The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs” (1035).

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It’s traditional to have a Globe Mass? 

A friend of mine was recently told about a Catholic middle school that is supposedly “Traditionalist”. After doing investigation she found rather the contrary. 


Is it because they do not have Altar girls that it’s supposedly Traditional? Is it because of the Cassock and Surplice that the altar boys are vested with? I mean the black and white neon stations of the Cross do help with devotion to the Passion after all. This is a pure embarrassment.

 – Jimmy Papist Moment –

“Ooo, ooo, I’m sure they used this song for their heretical liturgy!” Link

I wouldn’t doubt it, little buddy, I wouldn’t doubt it at all.

Source:St.Joseph School Gallery

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Oh now isn’t that cute, Father? 

This is going to lead to loads of hate mail from the Neo cons and other life queen, neocat, and youcat supports; but oh well. If you call this “reverence” then it just proves how deceived you are. Guess who else was laughing and dancing at Calvery? The Romans who mocked Christ as King. 

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Video: Michael Davies – Religious Liberty and the state

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