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Liturgical Chaos Confirmed by Archbishop Jose Gomez and EWTN

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but here’s a video I believe is worth sharing. 

         (I did not record the video)

But wait! Guess who’s recording it and sharing it with the world? You guessed it, EWTN. Kyrie Elison. 



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My prayers for you, Bishop Noonan. You have lost the faith!

“For there shall be a time when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears, and will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables” – St Paul the Apostle (Tim 4: 1-8)

I was recently contacted by a brother in arms that lives in the state of Florida. He and two close friends of him are new to Traditionalism. At first they did not agree with me when it came to the crises in the Church and the apostasy coming from our own hierarchy. The more they visited parishes in their diocese, which they fled by the Grace of God, the more they became convinced that there really is a crises in the Church.

Since I will not expose his real name to the public, out of request, we will call him MG since this is a knick name he prefers to go by, standing for his patron Saint, St. Maria Goretti in whom I ask to intercede for us. Now MG and his two friends were once under the Diocese of Orlando headed by His Excellency Bishop Noonan, whom they resist and now only attend  parishes that offer the True Mass, including the Eastern Rites.

When you examine the parishes within the Diocese of Orlando, as I have since I physically been in one in my previous years, you can see that these parishes have, objectively speaking, lost the faith. From Modernist architecture to watered down catechesis, it sticks out like a soar thumb. What has made my stomach drop was the story of what one of MG’s friends, who goes by  JP, has reported to me.

When JP formally attended the New Mass at his old parish, he has made it known to me that Bishop Noonan was the celebrant one Sunday. After Mass JP sobbed uncontrollably and reported to Bishop Noonan about the liturgical abuses that take place in his parish in which only blaspheme Our Lord. Bishop Noonan chastised him with responses such as “You do not have peace in your heart… You shouldn’t care about what others did but only about yourself… just attend another parish.”

With a response like that, can we say that this Bishop cares for souls? In my opinion, the state of his diocese in which is infected by modernism only reflects his pastoral care and the faith that he believes in since he fails to correct and condemn the actions and blasphemies within his own diocese.

Payback for a prankster: Bishop Noonan wears his Mickey miter during the farewell lunch and roast thrown by Pastoral Center employees.

“Bishop Noonan wears his Mickey Mitre..” From Archdiocese of Miami Website, Article: Truly a Blessing – Dec 15, 2010



Now that I have introduced everybody to the Bishop, I would now like to give you a glance of one of the many parishes under his pastoral care. Friends, welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes located in Daytona beach. According to their own website their heading reads “Rethink Church … Building Justice, welcoming diversity, extending conditional love, embracing inclusiveness, advocating mercy!”

For all of those that understand Novus Ordo language, it is clear that this is a parish of apostasy and heresy that only rejects dogma. Still not convinced? Lets examine a few images from their very website, shall we?

Here, my friends, is a poster in their parish that reads “Welcome all colors, all sexes, ALL ORIENTATIONS, ALL RELIGIONS, all cultures, all ages, all sizes, all individuals. Love Lives Here” (Emphasis on Orientations and Religions in which is heresy and sacrilege.) If you are asking if they are serious, indeed they are.


Interreligious event


Made by “Rev” John Petty of All Saint Lutheran church

Just incase anybody wants to accuse me of calumny, overreacting, and cherry picking pictures from liturgical abuses from the past or simply imagery from Protestant congregations, I challenge you to visit their very website in where I am getting this information and imagery. In fact, many of the images I have displayed above come from their very video. Did I tell you that they have a snack bar in the sanctuary? Talk about dismissing canon law and the fast, eh? I just wonder who is justifying all of this…


Bishop Noonan and Priest of Our Lady of Lourdes parish, Father Phil

Pray for these men, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and do not have hatred for them, but only their evils. Since today is the feast of Saint Peter Chrysologus (meaning golden speech), let us ask for his intercession since he kept the faith.


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“Let’s make a Pizza!” Says Dolan

Cardinal Dolan spreading the Sacred Oils over the Altar as if he were making a pizza.. That’s right, he’s “consecrating” the table. 

So.. Introducing Concilliar Pizzeria! You heard me right. 

Come early you can win front row seats to watch a rice pot burn on the altar table as a feminine “thurifer” mocks the sacred with her liturgical abuse. 

So what are you waiting for?! Hosted by the Archdiocese of New York for your modernist entertainment.

Video Credits to Louie Verrechio at:


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Pope Clement XII on Freemasonry 


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The Neo Nazi Society of Anthony Tridentine?


Your favorite rodent Jimmy Papist is here to the rescue! Now I’m most likely going to be put in a mouse trap for this, but who cares?  My question is how did the symbol go from the Cross..


To this?…


Hail Hitler anybody? I’ll pass. My little paws rather clasp together and Hail Mary. Now where are those carrots? 



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Guest post: We knew it all along.. (LMS)

MG from @catholiclegion here. The past few months, Traditional Altar Boy and I, along with some other friends have been investigating the Latin Mass Society (LMS). It was first called to my attention by TAB who was concerned that the LMS was producing sacrilegious materials and photos in the name of the Latin mass. TAB first questioned whether or not they were Masonic. You can view his work here.

Following this, TAB received a lot of backlash. “How dare you accuse people of being Masonic for modeling to promote the Latin Mass” is the general response he got. But something in our guts told us that there was a serious issue with these people. TAB continued to monitor the LMS for a while, and then their leader, Anthony Perlas going under the name Anthony Tridentine, showed his true intentions. Both TAB and I published this on Instagram and on the blogosphere, which you can read here.
Still, we received some backlash. There were still people accusing us of taking things too far. It was not until the FSSP published a statement about him that the backlash stopped. This is the document:
The fact that the FSSP actually had to publish a statement is a sign that there is something seriously wrong. Still, the LMS created a counter video message.

In this five minute, shoddily edited video, the “ambassador”, using nice, beautiful music explained how the Latin Mass Society and Anthony Perlas are not blasphemous or objectifying women. To be honest, I was expecting a rebuttal that actually had substance, but instead all I heard were things like “the models feel empowered”, and “the models feel like goddesses!” Obviously, there is a problem with a Catholic woman trying to make herself a “goddess” but I digress.
After going through the poorly edited video, in which they couldn’t even take the effort to eliminate the noise of the wind from the microphone, I found a number of disturbing quotes. It would actually be more efficient for me to post a transcript than to list all of the quotes.
The quote that takes the cake, however, is “even if I didn’t wear skirts, or wore lingerie, or modeled for Maxim, who are you to judge me when you are not in my shoes. I’m not being objectified, I am doing what I love, and, um, just being who I am.”
She further continues with “Everybody knows that negativity doesn’t get us far, and these people have no lives.”
So, in essence, there was nothing in that video saying that they were doing what they thought was pleasing to God. I would have understood that argument. Flawed? Absolutely. But it is understandable nonetheless. However, in this case, her entire argument is that “it makes the models feel good” and “we like it.” Instead of refuting the claims of the FSSP and other Catholics, she tells us that we should stop judging them and get lives.
This is the same attitude that is shared by the majority of the culture. Rather than accepting the words of knowledgeable priests and laypeople, the LMS ignores it and does what they want instead. I know a lot of modern “Catholics” do this as well, but being Catholic should be uncomfortable, and we are going to have to stop doing things that we think are ok but the Church says are not. God’s law is at odds with the sinful nature of humans, and there are going to be aspects of Catholicism that we are not going to like. Some may have to give up eating solely for pleasure, others might have to give up modeling. It is only when we give up all that we are and follow Him that we find true peace.


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Image: Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost


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The answer is prayer

The question is how can we increase holiness in a world full of corruption and sin? Simple: prayer. 

1.Make sacrifices, even if they be small. 

2. Say your daily rosaries.
3. Make visits to the Blessed Sacrament.
4. Say your braveries.
5. Read and meditate upon scripture. 

6. Make morning consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary every morning.
7. Wear the brown scapular.
8. Stay close to the confessional and repent of your sins.
9.Be in sanctifying grace.
10. Study Catholic apologetics and the faith by reading the catechism of Trent, the encyclicals by pre Vatican 2 Popes, and the council’s previous to Vatican 2.
11. Pray for the Pope and the Bishops.
12. Pray for the Consecration of RUSSIA (emphasis added, Russia alone and not the whole world) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

In other words, be a saint. 

Important Note: The image does not reflect reality. Animals do not possess immortal souls, therefore they do not pray nor repent of any sin since they cannot commit any. The image simply encourages prayer. However, the animals do praise God by their very existence. 

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We mustn’t loose hope.

All praise the Thetokos and Our Divine Lord Incarnate, Jesus Christ. In these dark times of apostasy, tragedy, and betrayal from our own hierarchy, we get the tendency to fall into despair. When seeing Holy Mother Church being torn to pieces by wolves, it brings nothing but discouragement and confusion to Her Children. 
Some begin to question if the Catholic Church is the true Church since Christ said that the gates of Hell shall not prevail, yet the actions of the Bishops seem as if all Hell broke loose. 

It is a fact that the gates have not and will not prevail against the Church since Our Lord is not a liar. During the Arian heresy that has infiltrated the entire Church, Saint Athanasius has stated: 
“Thus, the more violently they try to occupy the places of worship, the more they separate themselves from the Church. They claim that they represent the Church; but in reality, they are the ones who are expelling themselves from it and going astray. Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ.” 

Christ has selected Judas as his disciple to give that very example of a traitor within Holy Mother Church, and unfortunately we are seeing that within our times by many of the clergy who have abandoned the faith. 
We continue to see Bishops departing from the Catholic faith. We see many bishops falling in apostasy, not to mention the anti Christ desire to change dogma, which is impossible since truth cannot ever change. 
While the ‘conservative’ bishops and Traditional Catholics are being silenced and labeled schismatic by the modernists, we get the impression that we are in a stuck situation that we cannot get out of, similar to that of a young boy that has fallen into a well but cannot find a way out since there isn’t a rope or latter to pull him up out of it. 
My dear brethren in Christ Jesus, we must not loose hope. We must continue to say Our Rosaries every day, stay in sanctifying grace, and pray for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary since it has not been done validly, confirmed by Sister Lucia herself while the Vatican covered it up with a false interpretation that it has been done, as Pope Benedict XVI admitted himself since he read the third secret.  


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Prayer request for Father Carota

As we are all aware, Father Carota is the founder of the Catholic blog: ‘traditionalcatholicpriest’. His example, piety, and love for orthodox Catholic teaching is a inspiration to many. Since this priest is a inspiration to me, it explains why my blog name is similar to his. According to the admin now running his blog, he informed me that our dear friend is suffering from a digestion disorder in which prevents him from eating and drinking, making him weaker each and every day. He has lost weight and sadly it is getting worse. I would like to ask you all to please remember him in your rosaries. It’s in these dark times that we need more priests like him, especially since many have lost the faith and souls are in need of saving. Let us turn to our Immaculate Mother Mary and Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in these sad times. God Bless. 

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