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Detachment from the ways of the world

In today’s society we are told that in order to have a successful life we must accept what the world has to offer, whether it be attachment to material things (possessions) or sinful behavior. How often are we told that in order to be happy we must have a huge amount of money in our bank accounts? How often are we told by society that we must give into impurities through the way we speak, dress, think, and even act?

“You only live once, so why not party and live life the way you want? God will not condemn you, if there even is one. A loving God wouldn’t send anybody to an Eternal Hell fire, if it even exists since not many people go there”.

These are just a small portion of examples that we hear from the modern culture, and sadly many people, including the youth, have been convinced that happiness is found in temporary things. They have sadly been misled just like a fish who has been tricked into thinking that the bate on the fisherman’s  pole was actually its prey, later finding out that it was only the path to eternal death (Animals do not have immortal souls, thus they will not resurrect nor be placed into Heaven or Hell for all Eternity). As a result of our souls attachment to original sin that has come into the world through Adam and Eve, our very human nature was weakened which explains why death was later brought into the world, thus the temptation to find pleasure in worldly things to comfort oneself into thinking that we must live life in such a fashion that is sinful since “we will only live once”. In order to overcome these temptations, especially attachment to materialism that was condemned by His Holiness Pope Pius IX at Vatican I, we must be open to God’s command to detach ourselves from this world. So what is meant by “the world”?

Saint John Eudes states the following:

“When I say ” the world” I mean the corrupt and disordered life led in the world, the damnable spirit that reigns over the world, the perverse sentiments and inclinations which men of the world follow, and the pernicious laws and maxims by which they govern their behavior.” The Saint continues “ By the things of the world I mean everything that the world so highly values and loves and strives after, namely, the honors and praises of men, vain pleasures and satisfactions, wealth, and temporal comforts, friendships and affections based on flesh and blood, on self-love and selfish interests”.

So why is detachment from the world something that average Christian must strive for, you may ask? This is because of the fact that in order to achieve salvation we must take the infallible words of Our Lord to heart when he states “Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and His justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)

Without seeking God’s kingdom how is it possible to be saved from eternal damnation in Hell? Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, we do live in this world, but we are not to submit to it, for this world has denied Christ and His Salvation for all men as a result of being under the influence of Satan, the father of lies and deception. We cannot deny the fact that this world has and continues to persecute Christ’s Church, offends God by sin, and even led our Lord to the crucifixion after constantly abusing Him. Let us, therefore, seek first the kingdom of God! Let us not waste our time! Let us work out our salvation through fear and trembling for the love of Christ and His Sacred Heart. I will close with a scripture passages.

Romans 12:2 – “And you must not fall in with the manners of this world; there must be an inward change, a remaking of your minds, so that you can satisfy yourselves what is God’s will, the good thing, the desirable thing, the perfect thing.”


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