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Martyrdom, The Blessed Sacrament, and the Papal Mass of January 16th, 2015

LastCommunionofStJosephofCalasanz-Goya-1819What a true blessing it is for us as Catholics to be members of the one true Church, in which has the access to the most important sacrament of them all; The Eucharist. It is through this sacrament that those in sanctifying grace are given the strength to overcome temptations and avoid near occasion of sin since the true presence of Christ brings forth strength and grace within the soul. This is because our bodies are the temples of The Holy Spirit in which was created by God to respond to Holiness by obeying His Will; thus we were made in His Image. Just as the divinity of Christ was veiled under His flesh; it is also through the Blessed Sacrament that His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity are veiled under the appearances of bread and wine to the human eye. It is through the Blessed Sacrament that we are able to physically be in the presence of Our King, Jesus Christ, whom is all good and deserving of our love.

therese3Saint Therese of Lisieux (The Little Flower) Doctor and defender of the Church has stated the following:

“Do you realize that Jesus is there in the tabernacle expressly for you – for you alone? He burns with the desire to come into your heart… don’t listen to the demon, laugh at him, and go without fear to receive the Jesus of peace and love. The gust of our soul knows our misery; He comes to find an empty tent within us, which is all He asks.”

Sadly in our times; 70 percent of those who identify as Catholic have lost reverence and respect for the real presence. Not only because of the sac religious receptions of Holy Communion in Mortal Sin (which is against 1 Cor 11:27); but because of the very fact that they reject the Church’s doctrine and dogma that the Eucharist is the very true body of Christ. This even goes back to the times when Jesus preached on the true presence of Blessed Sacrament and many disciples have abandoned Him due to this very teaching. (John 6:66). Our Blessed Lord then humbly and mercifully asked His apostles “Will you leave me too?” What great sorrow it brings to Our Lord that many no longer believe in His true presence; which is only a privilege and not a right to any human being. Many of the early Christians would die for this very mystery; such as St. Tarcisius, who was a Christian in 2nd century; which were the times in which the pagan Roman Empire was very anti-Christian and had every intention to try their best to destroy the Church through persecution. (Which was later resolved at The 1st Council of Nicaea due to Constantine’s conversion to the Catholic Church).

catacombe_algemeen_gang_(01)_LRAs the persecution arose within the Pagan Roman Empire; Christians were forced to hide underground in small tunnels for the dead called the catacombs; in which where was the very place that The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass was celebrated by the local Bishop since the early Christians could obviously not gather in public; but rather gathered in these very places. Little Saint Tarcisius, whom was an orphan, happened to be one of these faithful Christians; whom had a strong devotion to The Blessed Sacrament. Since these were dark times in which a priest could not distribute The Blessed Sacrament to those whom were in prison at the time (as a result of persecution for being a Christian); the Bishop has asked the faithful after Mass the question of who would be willing to risk his life to carry Holy Communion to the prisoners. Even though three men offered to bring The Blessed Sacrament to those in prison; Little Saint Tarcisius, who was an acolyte, personally accepted the task in which later resulted in the Bishop excusing his request to do so. However, since the young saint kept begging to the Bishop and stated to him: “I am so young, the pagans will think I am only a messenger boy, and let me pass.” the Bishop later gave him permission due to his great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

After he was given permission to bring Holy Communion to those whom were imprisoned, he later placed Several Sacred Hosts inside a white linen cloth within a little case which Tarcisius put inside his tunic, just over his heart, and with his two hands clasped over his Sacred Burden, he started off. “Oh, dear Jesus, how I love Thee,” he whispered. “How good Thou art to choose me as Thy little messenger. How willingly I would suffer and die for Thee, like these good people in prison. Perhaps one day Thou wilt let me lay down my life for Thee too!” As he left the catacombs; he later ran into a group of kids who were playing a game; and they requested that he join them. He refused and replied “I am sorry, but I am on an important message.” They later noticed he was guarding something next to his heart; and became suspicious and tried pulling his arms away since he refused to tell them what it was he was hiding. The more he refused to budge; the more aggressive the boys were towards him and began to severely beat him. As he was beaten; he whispered “Jesus, strengthen me.” One of the children beating him heard this and cried “He’s a Christian! He is hiding some kind of Christian Mystery there!” As they began beating him; a man passing by asked what was the matter. “He’s a Christian, carrying some Christian mystery, and we’re trying to get it from him,” cried one of the boys. “A Christian did you say?” said the man, and giving Tarcisius one cruel blow, threw him to the ground.

At this very moment a soldier, coming towards the group, scattered the boys right and left and, stooping down, lifted Tarcisius in his arms. “You cowards!” he said; “all setting on one little lad,” and he strode quickly down the street and hurried off into a quiet lane. “Tarcisius, lad,” he said, smoothing back the curls from his pale face. Tarcisius opened his eyes and recognized the soldier as a Christian whom he had often met in the catacombs.

communion-tarcisius“I am dying,” he said, “but I have kept my God safe from them.” And he handed his Precious Treasure to the soldier, who placed it reverently inside his tunic. “Carry Him to the prison for me,” said Tarcisius, and with a gentle sigh he fell back into the soldier’s arms. His little soul was already with God, for whom he so willingly had given his life, for Jesus Himself once said: “Greater love than this no man has, than that a man lay down his life for his friend.” Little Tarcisius gave his life for the Friend of friends, Jesus Christ.

Now recently at the Papal Mass of Pope Francis on January 16, 2015 outside of the Manila Cathedral, there was during the time of reception of the Blessed Sacrament a huge sacrilegious act that was taken place by “extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion” and those within the crowd. The Blessed Sacrament was dispensed to those within the crowd and then passed backwards and broken into pieces; which then according to those who were physically there and were eyewitnesses to this very act later reported that this resulted in many hosts falling into the mud; which you can come to the conclusion was probably trampled upon. abuseYou can now see why we as faithful Catholics are against the very practice of reception of Communion in the hand; because sadly, things like what has happened at the Papal Mass occur. This practice is an absolute mockery of those whom were martyred for the Blessed Sacrament and to Our Lord’s very words: “Amen, amen I say to you; Moses gave you not bread from heaven, but my Father giveth you the true bread from heaven… I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If any man eats of this bread, he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give, is My Flesh, for the life of the world.” (John 6:32, 51-52). I ask you all to pray the same prayer I recite at every Mass “Lord Have mercy on those whom do not  have devotion to thee in the Blessed Sacrament. Save souls, amen!” Saint Tarcisus; Ora Pro Nobis.eucharist-angels


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