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False religion, religious liberty, Islam, and Catholic combat. 

Blessed First Friday my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. It has been a month since I have posted since it’s very important to give time to God and the duties He gives you in life. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. 

Now let’s cut to the chase. While I was gone we have witnessed chaotic events that have taken place in this world corrupted by sin. From heresy coming from the Hiearchy of Holy Mother Church, to the shootings that slaughtered innocent people, to the construction of satanic temples here in the USA, I would like to emphasize the bombings in Paris from those who practice the demonicly inspired religion of Islam founded by the false prophet Mohammad. 

From what I recall, 60 lives were taken as a result of Islamic attacks upon innocent people. These attacks are done to give praise to the false god “allah” (not to be mistaken with the true Allah, The Blessed Trinity, since Allah translates to God in Arabic, hence the Melkite usage of the term).

We know this cannot be of God since God commands us not to Kill, for this is against the 5th commandment in which is a article of faith and necessary to obey for salvation. Since God does not contradict Himself and make up false doctrines that contradict His nature, such as Jesus supposedly not being God according to Islam: the question is how can we tolerate this false religion? 

In reality, we cannot. This is why we cannot accept the false doctrine of religious liberty, a innovative teaching that many clergymen teach today even though it contradicts dogma and was condemned by the Infallible Magisterium countless times. 

For example, Pope Gregory XVI on May 8th, 1844 states the following in his encyclical Inter Praecipuas:

“Experience shows that there is no more direct way of alienating the populace fromfidelity and obedience to their leaders than through that indifference to religionpropagated by the sect members under the name of religious liberty.”

It is a dogma of the faith that indifferentism is a heresy. This is the teaching that all religions are equal and that we must “co exist” since all religions lead to salvation, a infamous teaching especially taught by the Freemasons and Unitarians. 

Pope Gregory XVI condemns this also in Mirari Vos on August 15, 1832:

“Now We consider another abundant source of the evils with which the Church is afflicted at present: indifferentism. This perverse opinion is spread on all sides by the fraud of the wicked who claim that it is possible to obtain the eternal salvation of the soul by the profession of any kind of religion, as long as morality is maintained. 

Surely, in so clear a matter, you will drive this deadly error far from the people committed to your care. With the admonition of the apostle that “there is one God, one faith, one baptism” may those fear who contrive the notion that the safe harbor of salvation is open to persons of any religion whatever. 

They should consider the testimony of Christ Himself that “those who are not with Christ are against Him,” and that they disperse unhappily who do not gather with Him. Therefore “without a doubt, they will perish forever, unless they hold the Catholic faith whole and inviolate.” Let them hear Jerome who, while the Church was torn into three parts by schism, tells us that whenever someone tried to persuade him to join his group he always exclaimed: “He who is for the See of Peter is for me.”

“A schismatic flatters himself falsely if he asserts that he, too, has been washed in the waters of regeneration. Indeed Augustine would reply to such a man: “The branch has the same form when it has been cut off from the vine; but of what profit for it is the form, if it does not live from the root?”

It is because of the immoral behavior and false teachings of innovative and infamous men that we cannot tolerate false religion, for nobody has the right to profess heresy, blaspheme God, and worship a false one;For there is only One God, The Blessed Trinity: Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost.


St Athanasius of Alexandria – Born: 296 AD, Alexandria, Egypt Died: May 2, 373 AD, Alexandria, Egypt

 The ancient Creed of Athanasius states:
“Whoever wishes to be saved must, above all, keep the Catholic faith.For unless a person keeps this faith whole and entire, he will undoubtedly be lost forever.This is what the Catholic faith teaches: we worship one God in the Trinity and the Trinity in unity.”
It is because that Islam rejects this, with many other doctrines, that it is a false religion. This is why, my dear family in Christ, we cannot accept this notion that all religions lead to God. This is why ecumenism is heresy, for it “uncrowns” Christ the King and The True God. 

So how do we combat Islam in our times? How do we combat heresy? Our Lady has made this known to Saint Dominic that she is the hammer of Heresy. This is why we must say The Rosary, for it is by prayer that demons flee, especially when we call upon her name and God’s Holy Name. Wear your brown scapulars, stay close to the sacraments, and remain in the state of grace. It’s time to suit up. 



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While there is still time.. Repent!


It is because of the fall of Adam and Eve that Original Sin has come into the world. When sin came into the world, nature within itself has fallen. Our very human nature itself has become attached to sinful vices that not only contradicts our very obligation to serve God, but offends Him dearly since He has been nothing but merciful and loving like any good Father would.

Whether it be greed, lust, envy, hatred, theft, pride etc: we all have a sinful vice that we need to break from by the Grace of God. It is very necessary to cooperate with God’s Graces and stay in Sanctifying Grace, for we are not guaranteed another breath nor another heart beat. It is nearly impossible to count how many Blessings Our Dear Lord has given us, that being each beat and breath of life that we do not deserve.

Since life on Earth is temporary, we must remember to seek first the Kingdom of God, for attachments to this very world is not only foolish, but deceptive since this world will pass away; whether it is by our own personal death or the return of Our Lord in Glory, we will have no choice but to detach ourselves from it. 

To the parents, priests, and other superiors that view this blog; it is necessary to make sure that your dear children are in the state of grace, whether it be your own as a parent or the souls you are responsible for as a priest. Remember that you are held accountable. 

At baptism, we promise to renounce Satan and to make sure that we raise our children within the Church for their salvation. Priests have a equivalent obligation by the virtue of religion and their vocation. 

This is what Christ means by the Commandments He as God in the Flesh has given to us; “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” How can we say we love somebody -whether it be a friend, spouse, child etc. – when we do not care for their souls? 

How can we truly love ourselves if we are not staying close to the sacraments and praying daily to flee from sin and temptation? 
It is necessary to pray as if it is your very breath, for the soul cannot truly live without it since it depends upon it for the Graces necessary for its salvation.

 It is prudent to flee putting yourself in occasions of sin as if it were the plague, and to never  ever return. Returning would be like returning to your own vomit. When sin comes your way, chastise yourself through prayer and much penance. 

Remember what scripture says my dear friends, “Blessed is he that has the law of God written in his heart. Blessed is He who is tempted and overcomes it.” Christ told the apostles this very request in His Agony in the garden: “Pray that you may not be tempted.”

Some say “well if I sin again I’ll just go to confession. God will understand. I’ll sin now and repent later.” This is the sin of presumption and a very foolish and deceptive view, especially when even some priests encourage it to their very flock by being lukewarm and sugar coated in the confessional. 

Remember that confession is a privilege. Taking advantage of it and misusing it would be blasphemy, such as going just to make fun or hold back sin. We never know when our last confession will be. Heck, the next confession may be your final one. Who knows when we will die. That’s why it’s necessary to repent daily. Stay in the state of grace. Without grace in the soul, one will be damned for eternity.

Why am I telling you guys this? Because I love you all and want to see you in Heaven. Im repeating this because TAB is also a poor sinner. I’m serious. I’m a sinner and the worse of all of them. But it doesn’t mean I cannot encourage my dear brothers and sisters to do better than me, a hypocrite. This is why I beg all of you to not only pray for one another as a family in Christ, but to pray for me. 

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The wise words of Father Michael Mueller, 1880.


The wise words of Father Michael Mueller, 1880. Fr. Michael Müller C.Ss.R. (1825–1899) was a prolific Catholic writer of the 19th century in the United States. Father Müller always submitted his works to two Redemptorist theologians (as the Redemptorist Congregation’s rule required) and to his religious superiors before publication.

Some may ask, ‘well isn’t this being very stubborn?’ The answer is no. Why? Because there is only one truth, that being Jesus Christ. Christ has establish one Church, not many congregations nor religions that all contradict each other when it comes to doctrine and dogma, some going as far as teaching blasphemy and idolatry as we see within Islam, modern Judaism, Hinduism etc. Since false religions are made by Satan himself since he is the father of lies, how can we say we respect falsehood when Christ and His Church alone is the truth? Think about that. 
There are not many truths, but one truth. Therefore the denominations of Protestantism are heretical, eastern schismatic orthodoxy is heretical, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah witnesses, and modern judaism is blasphemous, and Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, Satanism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Voodoo, And any other religion that worships a false god is idolatrous, henceforth false and cannot be respected.  

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Laus Tibi Christe

My sweet and most Holy Adorable Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me; a sinner; who has offended Thee through my own fault, through my own fault, and through my own fault alone. I thank Thee for having spared me and loving me even though I have sinned against Thee countless times throughout my life. I ask that Thou giveth me and all my dear friends, benefactors, enemies, – and all of those that I have come in contact with – the Grace to do Thy Will and to overcome sin and near occasion of sin. Breath fourth The Holy Ghost within our souls, and we shalt have life. Pour fourth thy Precious Blood upon us, and we shalt be made white as snow. Praise Be Thy Holy Name forever and ever. Save souls, especially those approaching death with sin upon theirs. Be merciful oh Sovereign King. All thou Holy Saints in Heaven, pray for us. Amen.


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Martyrdom, The Blessed Sacrament, and the Papal Mass of January 16th, 2015

LastCommunionofStJosephofCalasanz-Goya-1819What a true blessing it is for us as Catholics to be members of the one true Church, in which has the access to the most important sacrament of them all; The Eucharist. It is through this sacrament that those in sanctifying grace are given the strength to overcome temptations and avoid near occasion of sin since the true presence of Christ brings forth strength and grace within the soul. This is because our bodies are the temples of The Holy Spirit in which was created by God to respond to Holiness by obeying His Will; thus we were made in His Image. Just as the divinity of Christ was veiled under His flesh; it is also through the Blessed Sacrament that His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity are veiled under the appearances of bread and wine to the human eye. It is through the Blessed Sacrament that we are able to physically be in the presence of Our King, Jesus Christ, whom is all good and deserving of our love.

therese3Saint Therese of Lisieux (The Little Flower) Doctor and defender of the Church has stated the following:

“Do you realize that Jesus is there in the tabernacle expressly for you – for you alone? He burns with the desire to come into your heart… don’t listen to the demon, laugh at him, and go without fear to receive the Jesus of peace and love. The gust of our soul knows our misery; He comes to find an empty tent within us, which is all He asks.”

Sadly in our times; 70 percent of those who identify as Catholic have lost reverence and respect for the real presence. Not only because of the sac religious receptions of Holy Communion in Mortal Sin (which is against 1 Cor 11:27); but because of the very fact that they reject the Church’s doctrine and dogma that the Eucharist is the very true body of Christ. This even goes back to the times when Jesus preached on the true presence of Blessed Sacrament and many disciples have abandoned Him due to this very teaching. (John 6:66). Our Blessed Lord then humbly and mercifully asked His apostles “Will you leave me too?” What great sorrow it brings to Our Lord that many no longer believe in His true presence; which is only a privilege and not a right to any human being. Many of the early Christians would die for this very mystery; such as St. Tarcisius, who was a Christian in 2nd century; which were the times in which the pagan Roman Empire was very anti-Christian and had every intention to try their best to destroy the Church through persecution. (Which was later resolved at The 1st Council of Nicaea due to Constantine’s conversion to the Catholic Church).

catacombe_algemeen_gang_(01)_LRAs the persecution arose within the Pagan Roman Empire; Christians were forced to hide underground in small tunnels for the dead called the catacombs; in which where was the very place that The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass was celebrated by the local Bishop since the early Christians could obviously not gather in public; but rather gathered in these very places. Little Saint Tarcisius, whom was an orphan, happened to be one of these faithful Christians; whom had a strong devotion to The Blessed Sacrament. Since these were dark times in which a priest could not distribute The Blessed Sacrament to those whom were in prison at the time (as a result of persecution for being a Christian); the Bishop has asked the faithful after Mass the question of who would be willing to risk his life to carry Holy Communion to the prisoners. Even though three men offered to bring The Blessed Sacrament to those in prison; Little Saint Tarcisius, who was an acolyte, personally accepted the task in which later resulted in the Bishop excusing his request to do so. However, since the young saint kept begging to the Bishop and stated to him: “I am so young, the pagans will think I am only a messenger boy, and let me pass.” the Bishop later gave him permission due to his great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

After he was given permission to bring Holy Communion to those whom were imprisoned, he later placed Several Sacred Hosts inside a white linen cloth within a little case which Tarcisius put inside his tunic, just over his heart, and with his two hands clasped over his Sacred Burden, he started off. “Oh, dear Jesus, how I love Thee,” he whispered. “How good Thou art to choose me as Thy little messenger. How willingly I would suffer and die for Thee, like these good people in prison. Perhaps one day Thou wilt let me lay down my life for Thee too!” As he left the catacombs; he later ran into a group of kids who were playing a game; and they requested that he join them. He refused and replied “I am sorry, but I am on an important message.” They later noticed he was guarding something next to his heart; and became suspicious and tried pulling his arms away since he refused to tell them what it was he was hiding. The more he refused to budge; the more aggressive the boys were towards him and began to severely beat him. As he was beaten; he whispered “Jesus, strengthen me.” One of the children beating him heard this and cried “He’s a Christian! He is hiding some kind of Christian Mystery there!” As they began beating him; a man passing by asked what was the matter. “He’s a Christian, carrying some Christian mystery, and we’re trying to get it from him,” cried one of the boys. “A Christian did you say?” said the man, and giving Tarcisius one cruel blow, threw him to the ground.

At this very moment a soldier, coming towards the group, scattered the boys right and left and, stooping down, lifted Tarcisius in his arms. “You cowards!” he said; “all setting on one little lad,” and he strode quickly down the street and hurried off into a quiet lane. “Tarcisius, lad,” he said, smoothing back the curls from his pale face. Tarcisius opened his eyes and recognized the soldier as a Christian whom he had often met in the catacombs.

communion-tarcisius“I am dying,” he said, “but I have kept my God safe from them.” And he handed his Precious Treasure to the soldier, who placed it reverently inside his tunic. “Carry Him to the prison for me,” said Tarcisius, and with a gentle sigh he fell back into the soldier’s arms. His little soul was already with God, for whom he so willingly had given his life, for Jesus Himself once said: “Greater love than this no man has, than that a man lay down his life for his friend.” Little Tarcisius gave his life for the Friend of friends, Jesus Christ.

Now recently at the Papal Mass of Pope Francis on January 16, 2015 outside of the Manila Cathedral, there was during the time of reception of the Blessed Sacrament a huge sacrilegious act that was taken place by “extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion” and those within the crowd. The Blessed Sacrament was dispensed to those within the crowd and then passed backwards and broken into pieces; which then according to those who were physically there and were eyewitnesses to this very act later reported that this resulted in many hosts falling into the mud; which you can come to the conclusion was probably trampled upon. abuseYou can now see why we as faithful Catholics are against the very practice of reception of Communion in the hand; because sadly, things like what has happened at the Papal Mass occur. This practice is an absolute mockery of those whom were martyred for the Blessed Sacrament and to Our Lord’s very words: “Amen, amen I say to you; Moses gave you not bread from heaven, but my Father giveth you the true bread from heaven… I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If any man eats of this bread, he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give, is My Flesh, for the life of the world.” (John 6:32, 51-52). I ask you all to pray the same prayer I recite at every Mass “Lord Have mercy on those whom do not  have devotion to thee in the Blessed Sacrament. Save souls, amen!” Saint Tarcisus; Ora Pro Nobis.eucharist-angels

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