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Mr. Voris, when will it end?

On today’s Vortex Mr.Voris speaks upon Rome not condemning specific issues of our time. My only question is this: why target the SSPX since they are faithful to the Church’s teachings and openly condemn the same errors in which you are protesting against? They recognize the current pontiff to be the Pope, so aren’t we on the same side here? In fact, why not have the SSPX explain themselves on your Mic’d up programs? Or why not have a debate with one of their priests to prove them wrong? I’m sure you would get a lot of views.

Also, are you not aware that the whole “SSPX is Schismatic” is modernist propaganda in which is used against the Society to persecute them? Talk about Ecumenical dialogue of Vatican 2, in which you defend as a infallible council. If resisting the Pope due to heresy is schismatic then why be an advocate for Cardinal Burke when he made it clear that he would also resist Pope Francis if he pushes for the innovative and heretical doctrines of the modernists at the next “extraordinary synod on the family”? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Is it because Archbishop Lefebreve  “illicitly” consecrated bishops that you are against the society?

Cardinal Castillo Lara – President of the Pontifical Commission for the Authentic Interpretation of Canon Law & President of the Disciplinary Commission of the Roman Curia – in the Italian newspaper ‘La Republica’ on July 8, 1988 states the following:

“The act of consecrating a bishop [without a papal mandate] is not in itself a schismatic act.”

There you have it, Mr Voris, a Cardinal of the Church in which is an expert on the proper interpretation of Canon law making it very clear. I would assume he is also “schismatic” just as anybody else who attends their chapels or supports their mission, correct? I guess that leaves Ecclesia Dei out of the question since the Secretary of Pontifical Commission, Msgr. Camille Perl, stated on May 28, 1996 the following:

“In the strict sense you may fulfill your Sunday obligation by attending a Mass celebrated by a priest of the Society of Saint Pius X“.

Last time I checked Canon Law states you must attend a valid Mass within the Church to fufill your Sunday obligation.

– Caution, Jimmy Papist Moment –


– Ooo, ooo, let’s not forget what St. Robert Bellermine said about resisting heretical Popes! 

“Just as it is licit to resist the Pontiff that aggresses the body, it is also licit to resist the one who aggresses the souls or who disturbs civil order, or, above all, who attempts to destroy the Church. I say that it is licit to resist him by not doing what he orders and preventing his will from being executed; it is not licit, however, to judge, punish or depose him, since these are acts proper to a superior.” 

Thanks, Jimmy. Also: Innocent III explains that a pope can fall into heresy:

“The Roman Pontiff has no superior but God. Who, therefore, (should a pope ‘lose his savor’) could cast him out or trample him underfoot – Since of the pope it is said ‘gather thy flock into thy fold’. Truly, he should not flatter himself about his power, nor should he rashly glory in his honor and high estate, because the less he is judged by man, the more he is judged by God.

Still the less can the Roman Pontiff glory because he can be judged by men, or rather, can be shown to be already judged, if for example he should wither away into heresy; because he who does not believe is already judged.”

Pope Innocent III went on to explain, “In such a case it should be said of him: ‘If the salt should lose its savor, it is good for nothing but to be cast out and trampled underfoot by men’.”

Is this not what the society is doing, Mr. Voris? Let’s be honest, the Pope Francis pontificate is an absolute mess and the man on the throne of Peter speaks things that contradict the ancient Roman Catholic faith. Laudato Si’ is an good example in which he stated in Section 222:

“Christian spirituality proposes an alternative understanding of the quality of life, and encourages a prophetic and contemplative lifestyle, one capable of deep enjoyment free of the obsession with consumption. We need to take up an ancient lesson, found in different religious traditions and also in the Bible.”

Are not other religions false, Mr.Voris?



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In Eminenti and the Freemasons 

” Wherefore We command most strictly and in virtue of holy obedience, all the faithful of whatever state, grade, condition, order, dignity or pre-eminence, whether clerical or lay, secular or regular, even those who are entitled to specific and individual mention, that none, under any pretext or for any reason, shall dare or presume to enter, propagate or support these aforesaid societies of Liberi Muratori or Francs Massons, or however else they are called, or to receive them in their houses or dwellings or to hide them, be enrolled among them, joined to them, be present with them, give power or permission for them to meet elsewhere, to help them in any way, to give them in any way advice, encouragement or support either openly or in secret, directly or indirectly, on their own or through others; nor are they to urge others or tell them, incite or persuade them to be enrolled in such societies or to be counted among their number, or to be present or to assist them in any way; but they must stay completely clear of such Societies, Companies, Assemblies, Meetings, Congregations or Conventicles, under pain of excommunication for all the above mentioned people, which is incurred by the very deed without any declaration being required, and from which no one can obtain the benefit of absolution, other than at the hour of death, except through Ourselves or the Roman Pontiff of the time.”

The secret societies, such as the Freemasons, Skulls and Bones, Illumanati etc. are to be avoided at all costs. The Church has condemned the societies infallibly due to the fact that these societies engage in activity in which involve persecuting the Church through plot, spreading errors of modernism, practicing the rituals of the occult, and revolution against Catholic Truth, as we have seen in France, 1789–1799. 

If any Catholic, whether laymen, religious, clergymen etc. joins or associates with any of the above listed organizations, or anything similar, then according to the 1917 Code of Canon law you are automatically excommunicated from the Holy Roman Catholic Church. 

Canon 2335: “Those who join a Masonic sect or other societies of the same sort, which plot against the Church or against legitimate civil authority, incur ipso facto an excommunication simply reserved to the Holy See”. If anybody is a member of the Freemasons or any similar organization, for the salvation of your soul, repent and leave this organization now. 



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