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King Solomon vs the Extraordinary Synod on the Family


Firstly, the Commandments of God handed to St. Moses the Prophet are mandatory for salvation and are dogmatic. 

 The Council of Trent Session 6, Chapter 6: “But no one, how much soever justified, ought to think himself exempt from the observance of the commandments; no one ought to make use of that rash saying, one prohibited by the Fathers under an anathema,-that the observance of the commandments of God is impossible for one that is justified“.

The Sacred Council continues in CANON XVIII.- “If any one saith, that the commandments of God are, even for one that is justified and constituted in grace, impossible to keep; let him be anathema.”

CANON XIX.-“If any one saith, that nothing besides faith is commanded in the Gospel; that other things are indifferent, neither commanded nor prohibited, but free; or, that the ten commandments nowise appertain to Christians; let him be anathema.”

We have witnessed that the majority of the bishops at last years synod were in favor of divorce and remarriage, even though it is against Roman Catholic dogma and the infallible scriptures.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that divorce and remarriage is a mortal sin in which puts one outside the Church, and if not repented, into Hell for all eternity. The 6th Commandment of Our Lord States “Thy Shall Not Commit Adultery”. He continues in Matthew 19 – 9:“And I tell you that he who puts away his wife, not for any unfaithfulness of hers, and so marries another, commits adultery; and he too commits adultery, who marries her after she has been put away.” 


The rationalist who stated that:”We need not to take the so called “Nature miricles” (of Christ) as historic” -that being Cardinal Kasper – stated that scripture needs to be re examined.. as if the Church was wrong for 2000 years until the ‘infallible’ modernist heretic Cardinal Kasper came to the rescue. The book of Proverbs 6:12 makes it known that  “A man that is an apostate, an unprofitable man, walketh with a perverse mouth“. 

Being that we live in dark times in where Christ’s doctrine is being challenged by the enemies of the Church, even within – that being the heretics, schismatics, freemasons, infidels, apostates etc -let us examine the scriptures written by King Solomon, son of the Prophet David, in whom the Holy Ghost Spoke Through.


The Sacred Book of Proverbs Chapter 6:20 – Chapter 7 state the following:

“My son, keep the commandments of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother. 

21 – Bind them in thy heart continually, and put them about thy neck.

22 – When thou walkest, let them go with thee: when thou sleepest, let them keep thee; and when thou awakest, talk with them.

23 – Because the commandment is a lamp, and the law a light, and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:

24 – That they may keep thee from the evil woman, and from the flattering tongue of the stranger. 

25 – Let not thy heart covet her beauty, be not caught with her winks: (Subjectively speaking, I believe this can also refer to the false doctrines of the harlot, that being the counterfeit church that is founded upon freemasonry in which intends to destroy the Catholic Church by its demonic doctrines).

26 – For the price of a harlot is scarce one loaf: but the woman catcheth the precious soul of a man.

27 – Can a man hide fire in his bosom, and his garments not burn? 

28 – Or can he walk upon hot coals, and his feet not be burnt? 

29 – So he that goeth in to his neighbour’s wife, shall not be clean when he shall touch her.

30 – The fault is not so great when a man hath stolen: for he stealeth to fill his hungry soul:

31 – And if he be taken he shall restore sevenfold, and shall give up all the substance of his house.

32 – But he that is an adulterer, for the folly of his heart shall destroy his own soul: 

33 – He gathereth to himself shame and dishonour, and his reproach shall not be blotted out:

34 – Because the jealousy and rage of the husband will not spare in the day of revenge,

35 – Nor will he yield to any man’s prayers, nor will he accept for satisfaction ever so many gifts.”

The Holy Spirit continues speaking through Saint Solomon in Proverbs Chapter 7: 

1 – My son, keep my words, and lay up my precepts with thee. Son,

2 – Keep my commandments, and thou shalt live: and my law as the apple of thy eye:

3 – Bind it upon thy fingers, write it upon the tables of thy heart.

4 – Say to wisdom: Thou art my sister: and call prudence thy friend,

5 – That she may keep thee from the woman that is not thine, and from the stranger who sweeteneth her words. 

6 – For I look out of the window of my house through the lattice,

7 – And I see little ones, I behold a foolish young man,

8 – Who passeth through the street by the corner, and goeth nigh the way of her house.

9 – In the dark, when it grows late, in the darkness and obscurity of the night,

10 – And behold a woman meeteth him in harlot’s attire prepared to deceive souls; talkative and wandering,

11 – Not bearing to be quiet, not able to abide still at home,

12 – Now abroad, now in the streets, now lying in wait near the corners.

13 – And catching the young man, she kisseth him, and with an impudent face, flattereth, saying:

14 – I vowed victims for prosperity, this day I have paid my vows.

15 – Therefore I am come out to meet thee, desirous to see thee, and I have found thee.

16 – I have woven my bed with cords, I have covered it with painted tapestry, brought from Egypt.

17 – I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.

18 – Come, let us be inebriated with the breasts, and let us enjoy the desired embraces, till the day appear.

19 – For my husband is not at home, he is gone a very long journey.

20 – He took with him a bag of money: he mill return home the day of the full moon.

21 – She entangled him with many words, and drew him away with the flattery of her lips.

22 – Immediately he followeth her as an ox led to be a victim, and as a lamb playing the wanton, and not knowing that he is drawn like a fool to bonds,

23 – Till the arrow pierce his liver: as if a bird should make haste to the snare, and knoweth not that his life is in danger.

24 – Now therefore, my son, hear me, and attend to the words of my mouth. 

25 – Let not thy mind be drawn away in her ways: neither be thou deceived with her paths. 

26 – For she hath cast down many wounded, and the strongest have been slain by her. 

27 – Her house is the way to hell, reaching even to the inner chambers of death.


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A short reflection on today’s epistle and Gospel

Today’s epistle, Heb. 9:11-15:

“Brethren: But Christ, being come an high Priest of the good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hand, that is, not of this creation: Neither by the blood of goats or of calves, but by his own blood, entered once into the Holies, having obtained eternal redemption. For if the blood of goats and of oxen, and the ashes of an heifer, being sprinkled, sanctify such as are defiled, to the cleansing of the flesh: How much more shall the blood of Christ, who by the Holy Ghost offered himself unspotted unto God, cleanse our conscience from dead works, to serve the living God? And therefore he is the mediator of the new testament: that by means of his death for the redemption of those transgressions which were under the former testament, they that are called may receive the promise of eternal inheritance, in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

St.Paul tells us that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Pontiff and the Mediator of the New Testament. As the High Priest once entered into the Holy of Holies with the blood of the victims so, in a more excellent manner, Christ enters into Heaven, the true Holy of Holies, after having shed His Own Blood which He offers to God His Father.


Today’s Gospel, John 19:30-35:

“At that time, Jesus therefore, when he had taken the vinegar, said: “It is consummated.” And bowing his head, he gave up the ghost. Then the Jews (because it was the parasceve), that the bodies might not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day (for that was a great sabbath day), besought Pilate that their legs might be broken: and that they might be taken away. The soldiers therefore came: and they broke the legs of the first, and of the other that was crucified with him.But after they were come to Jesus, when they saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs. But one of the soldiers with a spear opened his side: and immediately there came out blood and water. And he that saw it hath given testimony: and his testimony is true. And he knoweth that he saith true: that you also may believe.”

The prefiguration of this, in which blood and water flowed from the right side of Our Lord, can be found in Ezekiel 47-1:

“And he brought me again to the gate of the house, and behold waters issued out from under the threshold of the house toward the east: for the forefront, of the house looked toward the east: but the waters came down to the right side of the temple to the south part of the altar”.

Laus Tibi Christe: the prophecy of Our Merciful Lord has been fulfilled in Christ our Redeemer. 

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Homosexuality and Morris M vs the Early Church Fathers

 In today’s society not only is the heresy of Sola scriptura embraced within Protestant circles, but we are now seeing it among the sodomite LGBT communities. From Genesis 2:24 and Ruth 1:14 in which “Ruth loved Noami as Adam loved Eve” (supposedly supporting same sex relationships), to 2 Samuel 1:26 “David loving Jonathan more than women”, to Matthew 19:10-12 supposedly saying that Jesus spoke of gays being born the way they are; these are all false interpretations and therefore, heretical. Since scripture, in which is inspired by the Holy Ghost, instructs that marriage is between a man and a woman alone (Genesis 1:27-28, Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:23,24,32, Matthew 19:4-6 etc) how can we conclude with some erroneous and blasphemous opinions in which suggest that God can supposedly change His mind and Will or contradict Himself as if He were imperfect, therefore a mortal and not a Supreme Being? 

The Homosexual supporters, such as Mr. Morris M, would also comment upon the story of Sodom and Gomorrah with absurd statements as the following:

“The story of Sodom and Gomorrah has been used to justify homophobia for centuries… it’s brought up anytime someone mentions gay rights as way of showing just how much God hates homosexuals. Too bad then that other parts of the Bible specifically state the Sodomites were firebombed for being arrogant rich windbags who hated the poor. God never actually states why he’s blowing up thousands of people; but the last act of the Sodomites before their fiery death is to try and rape three male angels, so the assumption is that homosexuality is the trigger. At least, it is if you’ve never bothered to read the rest of the Bible”. Source: Link

Since interpretation of scripture is becoming a issue with not only Protestants, but LGBT supporters, let us turn to the commentary of the Early Church Fathers, whom were disciples of the apostles, upon this key issue in which the bible supposedly does not touch upon the sin of sodomacy. In fact,let’s initiate the statements of the Early Church Fathers with scripture itself. 

Jude 1: 7: “Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise acted immorally and indulged in unnatural lust, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire”

 Pope Saint Gregory the Great, a early church father and doctor of the Church, repeats this in his own writings which state the following: 

“Sacred Scripture itself confirms that sulfur evokes the stench of the flesh, as it speaks of the rain of fire and sulfur poured upon Sodom by the Lord. He had decided to punish Sodom for the crimes of the flesh, and the very type of punishment he chose emphasized the shame of that crime. For sulfur stinks, and fire burns. So it was just that Sodomites, burning with perverse desires arising from the flesh like stench, should perish by fire and sulfur so that through this just punishment they would realize the evil they had committed, led by a perverse desire.” 

If Morris M was right upon his statement in which he said “other parts of the Bible specifically state the Sodomites were firebombed for being arrogant rich windbags who hated the poor.” then he must explain why Jude 1:7 argues otherwise when it states “immorally and indulged in unnatural lust, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire” as Saint Gregory simply repeated.Could it be that he is falling into the trap of hypocrisy in which he himself states “At least, it is if you’ve never bothered to read the rest of the Bible”. I would assume this is the case or he is being totally dishonest. 

He must argue why St. John Chrysostom, (347 – 407) whom was the greatest of the Greek Fathers (the original bible was written in Greek) a proclaimed Doctor of the Church, Archbishop and Patriarch of Constantinople was wrong when he, a expert on scripture and the doctrine of the apostles, stated the following: 
“Consider how great is that sin, to have forced hell to appear even before its time!… For that rain was unwonted, for the intercourse was contrary to nature, and it deluged the land, since lust had done so with their souls. Wherefore also the rain was the opposite of the customary rain. Now not only did it fail to stir up the womb of the earth to the production of fruits, but made it even useless for the reception of seed. For such was also the intercourse of the men, making a body of this sort more worthless than the very land of Sodom. And what is there more detestable than a man who hath pandered himself, or what more execrable?”

Could it be that the Holy Ghost in which Inspired the infallible scriptures and the Church was wrong all along? Could it be that the Holy Ghost failed the Church these past 2000 years until the infallible Mr.Morris came to be? We know the answer here and objectively speaking this is not the case. 

Saint Augustine – “Those offences which be contrary to nature are everywhere and at all times to be held in detestation and punished; such were those of the Sodomites, which should all nations commit, they should all be held guilty of the same crime by the divine law, which hath not so made men that they should in that way abuse one another. For even that fellowship which should be between God and us is violated, when that same nature of which He is author is polluted by the perversity of lust.”

Eusebius Pamphili (260 – 341), Bishop of Cæsarea in Palestine and the “Father of Church History,” writes in his book, Demonstratio Evangelica: 

“[God in the Law given to Moses] having forbidden all unlawful marriage, and all unseemly practice, and the union of women with women and men with men.”

Therefore, how can we say that Homosexuality is justified by God when it contradicts His own instructions and doctrine given to the infallible Church? Mr.Morris must either admit that he was wrong and dishonest or explain why his man made heathen doctrine is infallible and above God’s instructions. Since this is impossible, we can conclude that false interpretations of scripture are still in effect, even by non Christians, as the infidel Mr.Morris.

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Stay calm, Christ is in charge.

 We as Catholics know for a fact that Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, has established a visible Church upon Simon Peter; meaning Rock, in order to save souls. (Matt 16:18) Today’s Gospel in the Old Rite states the following:

“And it came to pass, that when the multitudes pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Genesareth, And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets. And going into one of the ships that was Simon’s, he desired him to draw back a little from the land. And sitting he taught the multitudes out of the ship. Now when he had ceased to speak, he said to Simon: Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.  And Simon answering said to him: Master, we have labored all the night, and have taken nothing: but at thy word I will let down the net. And when they had done this, they enclosed a very great multitude of fishes, and their net broke. And they beckoned to their partners that were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they were almost sinking.  Which when Simon Peter saw, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying: Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord. For he was wholly astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes which they had taken. And so were also James and John the sons of Zebedee, who were Simon’s partners. And Jesus saith to Simon: Fear not: from henceforth thou shalt catch men. And having brought their ships to land, leaving all things, they followed him”. (Luke 5:1-11)

Caution: Jimmy Papist moment ahead! 

Jimmy: “Okay so you read today’s gospel and bolded a couple of sentences, what’s your point?”

 Good question. When we truly examine today’s Gospel we can see that the Church was not any different from how it was in biblical times to how it is today. Why you may ask? The boat of Peter – in which Christ requested to be separated from the land in order to preach to the multitude – in my opinion prefigures the Church that separates itself from the ways of the world in order to preach the gospel to all nations by the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Since Peter, whom was upon the boat, was instructed to cast the net into the water by the request of our Lord in order to catch fish, later doubting that he would catch any since he fished all night, why should we as the Church militant be surprised that the modernist hiearchy upholds the position in which states that in order to bring people into the Church we must be “pastoral”, thus the watering down of the faith by substituting Catholic truth with modernist innovation?

In addition, we see that when Peter humbly united his will to the Will of God he had caught a massive amount of fish. Since the fish symbolize converts to the Church, we can also conclude that it is because of the truth that souls will truly be converted to the one true faith as long as they cooperate with God’s Grace. 

Even though the Church may seem as if she is crumbling, we must meditate upon Mark 4:37-40: 

“And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that the ship was filled. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, sleeping upon a pillow; and they awake him, and say to him: Master, doth it not concern thee that we perish?  And rising up, he rebuked the wind, and said to the sea: Peace, be still. And the wind ceased: and there was made a great calm. And he said to them: Why are you fearful? have you not faith yet? And they feared exceedingly: and they said one to another: Who is this (thinkest thou) that both wind and sea obey him?”

In the end, my dear brothers and sisters, Christ is with us and will never abandon us. Let us not be afraid of the great crises the Church is in, for Christ is her head and He alone will calm the storm. 


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One cannot be saved and reject the scriptures

I thought it would be nice to share this excellent sermon by a FSSP priest upon the great flood and the reality of the scriptures. Can one identify as a Catholic Christian and reject scripture? Are the stories in the bible only symbolic? Tune in to this link below and find out! Pax! 

FSSP Sermon: Can one be saved and reject the scriptures?

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