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My prayers for you, Bishop Noonan. You have lost the faith!

“For there shall be a time when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears, and will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables” – St Paul the Apostle (Tim 4: 1-8)

I was recently contacted by a brother in arms that lives in the state of Florida. He and two close friends of him are new to Traditionalism. At first they did not agree with me when it came to the crises in the Church and the apostasy coming from our own hierarchy. The more they visited parishes in their diocese, which they fled by the Grace of God, the more they became convinced that there really is a crises in the Church.

Since I will not expose his real name to the public, out of request, we will call him MG since this is a knick name he prefers to go by, standing for his patron Saint, St. Maria Goretti in whom I ask to intercede for us. Now MG and his two friends were once under the Diocese of Orlando headed by His Excellency Bishop Noonan, whom they resist and now only attend  parishes that offer the True Mass, including the Eastern Rites.

When you examine the parishes within the Diocese of Orlando, as I have since I physically been in one in my previous years, you can see that these parishes have, objectively speaking, lost the faith. From Modernist architecture to watered down catechesis, it sticks out like a soar thumb. What has made my stomach drop was the story of what one of MG’s friends, who goes by  JP, has reported to me.

When JP formally attended the New Mass at his old parish, he has made it known to me that Bishop Noonan was the celebrant one Sunday. After Mass JP sobbed uncontrollably and reported to Bishop Noonan about the liturgical abuses that take place in his parish in which only blaspheme Our Lord. Bishop Noonan chastised him with responses such as “You do not have peace in your heart… You shouldn’t care about what others did but only about yourself… just attend another parish.”

With a response like that, can we say that this Bishop cares for souls? In my opinion, the state of his diocese in which is infected by modernism only reflects his pastoral care and the faith that he believes in since he fails to correct and condemn the actions and blasphemies within his own diocese.

Payback for a prankster: Bishop Noonan wears his Mickey miter during the farewell lunch and roast thrown by Pastoral Center employees.

“Bishop Noonan wears his Mickey Mitre..” From Archdiocese of Miami Website, Article: Truly a Blessing – Dec 15, 2010



Now that I have introduced everybody to the Bishop, I would now like to give you a glance of one of the many parishes under his pastoral care. Friends, welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes located in Daytona beach. According to their own website their heading reads “Rethink Church … Building Justice, welcoming diversity, extending conditional love, embracing inclusiveness, advocating mercy!”

For all of those that understand Novus Ordo language, it is clear that this is a parish of apostasy and heresy that only rejects dogma. Still not convinced? Lets examine a few images from their very website, shall we?

Here, my friends, is a poster in their parish that reads “Welcome all colors, all sexes, ALL ORIENTATIONS, ALL RELIGIONS, all cultures, all ages, all sizes, all individuals. Love Lives Here” (Emphasis on Orientations and Religions in which is heresy and sacrilege.) If you are asking if they are serious, indeed they are.


Interreligious event


Made by “Rev” John Petty of All Saint Lutheran church

Just incase anybody wants to accuse me of calumny, overreacting, and cherry picking pictures from liturgical abuses from the past or simply imagery from Protestant congregations, I challenge you to visit their very website in where I am getting this information and imagery. In fact, many of the images I have displayed above come from their very video. Did I tell you that they have a snack bar in the sanctuary? Talk about dismissing canon law and the fast, eh? I just wonder who is justifying all of this…


Bishop Noonan and Priest of Our Lady of Lourdes parish, Father Phil

Pray for these men, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and do not have hatred for them, but only their evils. Since today is the feast of Saint Peter Chrysologus (meaning golden speech), let us ask for his intercession since he kept the faith.



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The warning about Freemasonry. 


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 Objection to the neo con claim “there is no crises in the church”. The Vatican to approve of a central square to the heretic Martin Luther. 


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Was the post on the LMS an “over reaction”?

Recently a couple of priests upon Facebook and their supporters stated that my post was “an over reaction”. My only question is this, how do they defend the Latin Mass society’s 20th commandment? It states the following:

“Thou Shalt Obey and Honor All Superiors Even If the Head is Lucifer”



This is Satanic, idolatrous, and blasphemous. If my previous post was – as they stated – “An overreaction” then they must explain that very quote. Is it because these people – in whom are probably modernists themselves – do not believe in the devil themselves? God forbid. 

A fellow brother in Christ has also pointed out that the courting video that I will share below has actually played music from the artist, Janis Joplin, the same artist in whom stated 

“On stage, I make love to 25,000 different people, then I go home alone.” 

Video Link

Is this a good example of chastity and purity as LMS has tried to display within their video? I don’t think so. 

Please say a rosary, a Saint Michael’s Chaplet, and 3 Hail Mary’s for this dear brother and those who work with him. Unfortunately, those within this group are deceived. 



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Blasphemy of North American Priest: Father Federico Loos

What you are about to read contains material that includes blasphemy and foul language as a result of the actions this priest has committed. If you have a weak stomach and cannot handle the position of a apostate, leave now. For those of you who are brave enough to even dare read the research I have done on this priest personally, remember to say a rosary for him, for he should have never taken the path that he has took. Not only did his actions deceive and hurt the sheep of Christ, but it also blasphemed Our Lord and the holy gospels, which is something that will put you in hell in the blink of an eye if one does not repent of mortal sin and dies in that state.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, meet North American priest Father Federico Loos, or as the young Mexican gang bangers called him “The priest of gang bangers”.


It was in the beginning of 1987 that this priest has went to the town of Naucalpan, Mexico with the goal of bringing “god’ to the youth that were active in gang violence, however, his mission failed due to the corrupt procedures he has taken and even considers laughable in addition to the blasphemy and sacrilege that he has committed, as proven in his recent interview.
In addition to gathering the gang members of the area; he felt the calling to not only re write the gospels, but to rewrite them in such a fashion that you cannot disguise if you are reading the word of God or a every day secularist magazine. A quote from his “chapter of the gospel with gang rhythms” that he claims helps the juvenile delinquents relate to the gospel states as follows:

“Things are falling apart, Jesus. Explain to us dude why your dad, Woody, has been with so many ladies? And now he has about 25 kids. Is it fine for somebody to behave like that? How is it going to be fine, Jesus said: man is not a dog, and shouldn’t fu*k every woman who is willing. Be careful, don’t ruin what the Main Chief has created”.

Did anybody catch that? God the Father now has many wives? Since when did Our Lord submit to the false prophet, Joseph Smith, who founded the mormon cult? Not only did he distort the gospel with such blasphemy, heresy, and idiocy, but he has also given God the Father a new name, Main Chief, which is how the members of a gang would identify who is the head of the gang.
This priest gives reference to the blasphemy he has committed because he states “This is the way they talk” as in, this is the way the gang bangers would supposedly understand the gospels. This is outright absurd.

The “Church service” of Father Loos (er)

Since this priest would hold regular “church services” to reconcile the gangs, at mass the youth would chant “Oh my Father, have mercy!” however, this did not please Father Loos since he himself mocked this practice and states that  “They haven’t changed! What young kid is going to relate to that Gospel?!” It makes you wonder if this man had the desire to save souls, but from what are seeing here, this is not the case since he himself also stated that on the feast of Saint Jude ” we organized the burning of small figurines” (the statues of Saint Jude since the custom is to carry a statue or another sacramental in relation to devotion to this Holy Apostle of Christ). Pure iconoclasm, a heresy condemned by the second council of Nicea in 787 A.D.

How I feel bad for the souls he has deceived, for he has not only re written the gospels as I stated above, but also the confiteor with the following:
“Help us against all these sins and from all of these fuc*ing problems! Save us lord!” … Anathema!
This is what happens when you try to have the church “get with the times”. Not only do you include heretical and blasphemous prayers in the liturgy that are worthy of interdict and give communion to non catholics (which is a mortal sin), but you also put a new image on God by trying to depict him as a gang member, as this priest calls the image “Christ of gangs” as if this is some approved apparition or devotion, which it will never be in Holy Mother Church. Please remember to say a prayer for this priest for the souls that he has deceived through his irrelevant behavior. This is the exact evidence and result of priestly formation in the liberal seminaries that educate seminarians in the “spirit of Vatican II”. Lord, have mercy on those who abuse your mercy, mock your justice, and reject your truth. Through the intercession of all of your saints, spare his soul and may he die in sanctifying grace. Amen.
Sacrilegious Communion (I wonder if he even used the words of consecration without adding lyrics from a song of AC/DC)

Sacrilegious Communion (I wonder if he even used the words of consecration without adding lyrics from a song of AC/DC)

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Paganism at Holy Family Retreat Center – Hartford, CT


schubertMy fellow Catholics; meet Paul & Peggy Schubert. These two have planned on hosting a event containing meditation with pagan rites on Catholic ground at the Holy Family retreat center located in West Hartford. According to the Link which lists the practices which were to take place, it states the following:

“Many people have discovered in Zen a profound connection to life. Through the practice of stillness and awareness, we can wake to a world of wonder and gratitude for life in all its aspects. This silent retreat offers the opportunity to deepen this connection, strengthened by the presence of others. It is open to men and women of all backgrounds. It includes zazen (seated meditation), kin-hin (walking meditation), dharma talks, chanting, and daisan (both formal and informal one-on-one interviews). There will be additional instruction and support available for beginners”

The fact that this is taking place at a retreat center that is focused on Catholic spirituality is both blasphemous and idolatrous. It Is impossible to benefit from pagan spirituality since participating in such false worship is a sin against faith, apostasy, which results in Mortal Sin; thus you can not obtain Grace, especially since this involves in worshiping false gods (in reality devils). This explains why Buddha is behind the two hosts, Paul & Peggy Schubert, which explains the event’s very nature.

Lets carefully examine the background of Paul Schubert; shall we? As mentioned on the same exact link; the presenter profile gives us clear information which states: “Paul Schubert is a Zen teacher in the White Plum lineage. He studied with Fr. Robert Kennedy in New Jersey, who installed him as sensei in 2007.”

Wait stop Christian; why did you bold the name of the priest? Who is he?”

Good question! Father Robert Edward Kennedy, also known as “Harada Roshi” is a American Jesuit priest (no surprise there) who joined the Jesuits on August 8th, 1951 and later became a priest in Japan in the year of 1965. He is populary known for studying with Yamada Koun; whom was the former leader of the Sanbo Kyodan lineage of Zen Buddhism in the 1970s. Father Robert Kennedy was later installed as a zen teacher of the White Plum Asagna lineage in 1991 and was given the title “Roshi” in 1997, henceforth; Harada Roshi (meaning master or leader). So it is easy to come to the conclusion that this priest has apostasized from the faith of the Church and even till this day continues to practice the false religion of Buddhism at the age of 81. He is currently an elder in the Zen Peacemaker Order founded in 1996. Sadly; this priest has taught theology at Saint Peter’s College in New Jersey; which explains Paul Schubert’s education and beliefs in Zen Buddhism.

These people in no way shape or form belong in public ministry among Catholics and I am more than glad this event was cancelled; and I pray the Archdiocese of Hartford responds and does not let them continue working within Catholic ground. Their very practices are against the first commandment; so they must be avoided at all costs.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, the great doctor of the Church stated the following:

“The First Commandment which relates to the love of God is: “You shall not have strange gods.” For an understanding of this Commandment, one must know how of old it was violated. Some worshipped demons. “All the gods of the Gentiles are devils” [Ps 95:5]. This is the greatest and most detestable of all sins. Even now there are many who transgress this Commandment: all such as practice divinations and fortune-telling. Such things, according to St. Augustine, cannot be done without some kind of pact with the devil. “I would not that you should be made partakers with devils” [1 Cor 10:20].

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