“Let’s make a Pizza!” Says Dolan

Cardinal Dolan spreading the Sacred Oils over the Altar as if he were making a pizza.. That’s right, he’s “consecrating” the table. 

So.. Introducing Concilliar Pizzeria! You heard me right. 

Come early you can win front row seats to watch a rice pot burn on the altar table as a feminine “thurifer” mocks the sacred with her liturgical abuse. 

So what are you waiting for?! Hosted by the Archdiocese of New York for your modernist entertainment.

Video Credits to Louie Verrechio at: https://harvestingthefruit.com



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6 responses to ““Let’s make a Pizza!” Says Dolan

  1. Unreal never seen that before. My mother is in Sarasota she found a lovely looking church on Sunday for mass. Lo & behold she went in & instead of the traditional hymns she’s used to they had a rock band well that’s how she described them loud guitars she nearly fell over!!! Told me the church was full of young people but seems some priests obsessed with all things modern, and will do anything to bring youngsters in. My mum is English and has never seen anything like it before even at novus ordo church’s in uk. I’ve told her to go online to find a Latin mass in Sarasota . A rock band I’m still in shock at the thought of it , my poor mother!!!!


    • Pope Pius X condemned the use of bands in church. Sadly the modernist clergy dismiss that. Sad right? Pray for them.


      • Yes tab it is so sad it really upsets me. Sometimes I think have I got it all wrong is it me am I a killjoy. No this is serious being a RC & these modernists make a complete mockery of our faith. I’m so proud to be a RC. I don’t see the Eastern Orthodox Church changing their services to try & ‘appeal’ to others, I could be wrong on that also the eastern Catholic Church seems traditional from what I’ve seen. Please keep up the great work you do keeping us all informed & merry Christmas to you sir. God bless you.


  2. Andrew

    Disgraceful! What’s up with that pagan priestess looking woman holding the bowl of incense. Does anyone know the percentage of vocations in this Archdiocese compared to others where the bishop acts like he cares more about defending the Catholic Faith rather than the world’s passing priorities?


  3. Christan,

    Please pray for me, man…


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