The Idolatrous response of the Latin Mass Society

The idolatrous and blasphemous “Latin Mass Society” of Anthony Perlas recently released a video in response to the “hoax” that me and the FSSP have exposed about their anti – Christ apostolate. 

It is clear that the woman in this video, Cheyenne, is not speaking from her own words, but a script which is quite obvious why she keeps pausing her words. The question Anthony is this, who are you trying to fool? 

In the video description it mentions the “facts” of the LMS.. I was honestly expecting a rebuttal but it came out that the only facts provided was that they are formal apostates, henceforth not Catholic. 

Now get this: Supposedly everything that I exposed about them were just “lies.” Interesting..  considering that the evidence I provided included their own symbol upon images involving pornograpy, not to mention the blasphemous and satanic quotes from their own “20 commandments” that you must obey all superiors, even Satan.. 

But get this friends.., not only does the woman in this video push for a feminist agenda so that woman can “have a voice”, she also says that as a model for the Latin Mass Society she “feels like goddesses.” This is blasphemous and idolatrous. 

At 4:10 of the video response, she mentions that she prefers to do a “sexier look.” Talk about chastity and purity that this new age society supposedly pushes for. For those of you who continue to defend these neo pagan apostates, you have been warned with provided evidence.

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2 responses to “The Idolatrous response of the Latin Mass Society

  1. Jill L

    She seems to have forgotten to mention God. Very sad. And the woman at the end, all I could think about are the modeling pictures of her heart being ripped out in some of the pictures on her Facebook page. Not quite the innocent look she seems to be going for here in this video.


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