The FSSP of Los Angeles responds to the Latin Mass Society and Anthony Tridentine

While I am not the biggest fan of the Fraternity of Saint Peter and the Ecclesia Dei movement for accepting the Second Vatican Council, I would like to share a letter from FSSP Priest, Father J Fryar, that was written on October 23rd, 2015. A brother in arms shared it with me and now its time for me to share it with the world.

“Anthony Perlas (Anthony Tridentine) arrived in los Angeles before Lent, this year. He remained a few months and then moved to Chicago. He was a recent convert from atheism, quite new to the Latin Mass and we taught him how to serve. He asked me if I would be willing to join him with an online Latin Rosary that he broadcasted on Wednesdays during Lent. I was happy to participate in that good cause. He also mentioned interest in applying to the seminary.

Before I met him, he had been entrusted with the care of the “Latin Mass Society” at Belmont Abbey College. This was a campus organization. It is my understanding that Anthony subsequently appropriated himself of the group, and kept it as his own after graduating and leaving the College.

One thing I repeatedly noticed about Anthony is that he does not take advice. (Explains why he blocked me and many other Catholics after we confronted him on Instagram.) While he claims to have a “spiritual director” that he allegedly consults, he never tells anyone who this spiritual director is. When people started wondering if it was I, it made me realize that he probably hasn’t got one.

At any rate, what began as a fetish for chapel veils has deteriorated to ever – reaching new lows, including full nudity, blasphemies against Our Blessed Mother, heretical content, sacrilegious posts, as well as quotes from Hitler.

(This is what I kept warning about from the beginning. Unfortunately it was given a blind eye from priests upon Facebook. My warning was described as a ‘Over reaction’ sadly..)

I have refrained until now from posting a public statement, because we are all trying to talk sense to Anthony, and he has disregarded, unfriended, and ignored every outreach. I gave him time to consider my advice to no avail.

I know a few young ladies who helped him with photos. They thought they were helping a good cause. (No disrespect intended to these fellow ladies in whom I respect since this was probably done innocently, but wasn’t the Masonic hand sign over the eye kind of obvious that this may be a Anti – Christ organization?..) When they asked him, as I also asked, to have our names removed from his sites, we all got the same response: “Absolutely! But I am very busy right now and will remove it later.” – That “later” never happens, and he has not removed the content related to me, or the FSSP, or of these young ladies.

I am obliged to give up trying to talk sense to him. I disassociate myself in any way from his corrupt websites. The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter has nothing to do with him, and he is not a member in any manner. Furthermore, the young ladies whose images appear on his sites should not be accomplices, because it is unclear who has requested that such content be removed, or what has been photo shopped.

Anthony has no firm theological formation, and has no authority to speak on behalf of the Latin Mass or the Latin Mass community. The content on his sites have no approval of the FSSP, or any other community related to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. (What about the Novus Ordo?)

Finally, I strongly encourage parents to forbid their children to friend him on Facebook or follow him on other social media. His sites are perverse and have nothing to do with the Latin Mass. I encourage young ladies not to be involved with him or agree to be his “models”. This would not be helping, but rather of detriment to spread of the Extraordinary Form.

Let us all pray for the salvation of his soul, and that the content that he has posted be removed so as not to continue this mockery of the Sacred.”

Fr J Fryar FSSP

October 23rd 2015

– Jimmy Papist Ahead –

Jimmy Papist

“Well done, Padre! You deserve a carrot! Just please stop calling the True Mass the Extraordinary Form, its the official Roman Rite and doesn’t co exist with the illicit Novus Ordo!”

Jimmy.. I highly doubt he would want one of your carrots..



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5 responses to “The FSSP of Los Angeles responds to the Latin Mass Society and Anthony Tridentine

  1. Great work, Christian…!


  2. You keep connecting the dots, man. The big picture that emerges will shock the world…



  3. HB

    The Latin Mass Society came out with a “response” on Youtube. Ugh.


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  5. I am commenting because you are the first person who has actually pointed out what I feel is incredibly obvious: WHY was this happening to begin with?

    I only just learned about all of this yesterday. Nonetheless, I had literally stumbled across he aforementioned website in the past, and it did not take me very long there to feel disgusted.

    In fact, I was so turned against such a trajectory in Traditionalism that when I returned to blogging after a long hiatus, I wrote a post about it on my site. You can read that post here:

    In my post, I pointed out how if THIS is the way Traditionalism is headed, we are going to end up with some not very nice results, and I attempted to warn Traditionalists against treating Tradition as if it were some nice, lovely object up for our enjoyment.

    When I learned yesterday (albeit rather late) what has happened, I was dumbfounded, but most of all, I was shocked that no one seemed to have SEEN how WRONG that site was from the start.

    I am utterly stupefied at how any sincere Catholic could have looked at those images on that website and not found them inappropriate to the Traditional cause (and I am talking about the ones that I saw, which were more “minor” and involved “modest sexiness,” for lack of a better word).

    I am further utterly confused at how these girls could have had PERMISSION to model for this man, whose images were clearly, IMHO, out of line.

    I feel that all of this is a sign that something may perhaps not be right in Tradition. There is a tendency in Traditionalism to objectify the faith to such a point that when the objectification of WOMEN starts, no one can see it, because HEY, AT LEAST WE ARE THE BEAUTIFUL, TRADITIONALIST ELITE.

    Ugh. Could no one see that THAT was the message that was being sent? Was that really the RIGHT message to be associated with from the beginning? Perhaps people DO get so busy that they cannot see, which may certainly have happened, but why is it that no one else out there seems to notice that this seemed wrong from the start?

    I am so completely disheartened by all of this, and worst of all, I am stunned that no one else is noticing this. You are the first person to at least begin to bring it up.

    I just hope and pray that this tendency stops in Traditionalism, because it is not cool. Traditionalism is not about the beautiful, sexy, elite, Catholic Vogue people, or about how pretty a woman can look in a mantilla.

    I am sorry for the long post, I just have not found anyone else out there yet who sees this, and I feel quite on my own.

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