Prayer request for Father Carota

As we are all aware, Father Carota is the founder of the Catholic blog: ‘traditionalcatholicpriest’. His example, piety, and love for orthodox Catholic teaching is a inspiration to many. Since this priest is a inspiration to me, it explains why my blog name is similar to his. According to the admin now running his blog, he informed me that our dear friend is suffering from a digestion disorder in which prevents him from eating and drinking, making him weaker each and every day. He has lost weight and sadly it is getting worse. I would like to ask you all to please remember him in your rosaries. It’s in these dark times that we need more priests like him, especially since many have lost the faith and souls are in need of saving. Let us turn to our Immaculate Mother Mary and Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in these sad times. God Bless. 


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