The Blasphemous Rosaries of Autom




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6 responses to “The Blasphemous Rosaries of Autom

  1. When Rosaries have beads of Pearl, we think of the Pearl of great price…

    When Rosaries have wooden beads, we think of the Old Rugged Cross…

    When Rosaries are knotted rope, we think of the whipping post…

    When Rosaries aren’t rosaries at all, it pierces Mary’s immaculate Heart…


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    • Amen. I would also post this on the Traditional Altar Boy Facebook page but they took my account down because of the religious name. They want my personal information in order to have an account, yet they dismiss Buddhist accounts? Hmm


  2. Christian,

    Please pray for us over here. I’m asking for real, man – O.k…?

    Medical issues that are serious…



  3. Andrew

    Let me guess, these false rosaries were made in communist China? Hopefully no priest will agree to bless these as a sacramental.

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