Catholicism pagan? Think again! 

Have you ever ran into Protestant websites that try to “prove” how “pagan” the Catholic Church really is? Some going as far as saying that Bishop mitres resemble the pagan fish hat and that the incensation of the altar comes from ancient pagan worship?

The images I will be displaying below will only refute their absurd claims since the images in themselves will show the resemblance of ancient Jewish worship and custom to that of Catholicism in which is all biblical. 

In addition, let’s just see how true the Protestant claims are against Catholic worship and custom,being that the Roman Catholic Church is the fulfillment of ancient Judaism after all since the Jews have lost their covenant with God when Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law.



Oh no.. They look like… Ca.. Ca.. Catholics. That’s because the ancient Jews prefigured the Catholic Church that Christ established.  Heck, even the chair of Moses prefigured the papacy. Don’t believe me? Look below 


So what was that about Catholicism being pagan again? 😉


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