Remember when a Michael Voris critiqued the Novus Ordo?

On September 23, 2014 Father Paul Nicholson has stated that “There Is Something Worse Than A Black Mass”, that being the SSPX celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ‘illicitly’. He continues: 

“I have seen the images of the Society of +Marcel Lefevbre in a full demonstration against the black mass that took place on September 21, 2014. They look every bit Catholic … yet they are not submissive to the Vicar of Christ. They are Catholic protestants.”

Unfortunately we are seeing another anti – SSPX marathon from those at CMTV and Michael Voris in which is similar to what Father Paul Nicholson has done repetitively upon his own blog last year. While I will not respond to the calumny of those at CMTV, I will make it known that the position in which Michael Voris is upholding is very hypocritical since he suggests that we must accept Vatican 2 to be Catholic, yet later condemning the idea of religious liberty in this Video.

But anyway enough of what I have to say about Vatican 2 and the Novus Ordo Mass, I’ll let Michael carry it away. Enjoy his criticism upon the Novus Ordo here: 


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