The FreeMasonic lodge and Pope Francis: Facts

Sources from the Freemasons press itself:
The question remains: why would enemies of the Church praise Pope Francis’ election? Especially the lodges in Argentina and Italy and many other lodges in Europe?Are the Popes after Vatican II forcefully under control from the modernists and Freemasons within and outside the Church as Father Malachi Martin has warned? Has the smoke of Satan entered the Church as Pope Paul VI suggested? Did the great apostasy start from the top, or is it going to as Our Lady of Fatima had warned to the Three Little Children of Fatima and Sister Lucia in the 1920’s? Are the heresies and the confusions of the recent pontificates, especially Francis’ – the result of the weakening of Papal Power from the Masons? Especially since the UN even previously threatened the Vatican? I’ll let you decide. Pray for The Pope. 


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