The Latin Rites of the Catholic Church


Mass celebrated in the ancient Ambrosian Rite Liturgy

Attention, there are several forms of The Traditional Latin Mass. You heard me right. There is one error that I found that many Catholics do not cover when it comes to the liturgy; that being proper terminology. When referring to what Pope Benedict XVI called the “Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite”: we commonly identify that as the “Traditional Latin Mass”.

In the Catholic Church we have what are called “Sui Juris Churches” meaning “Churches of their own law”. in which consist of 23 Churches with their own apostolic and ancient liturgy in communion with Rome. 
The Church with the highest population is called the Roman Catholic Church, The Latin Church, The Western Rite, Latin Rite etc. while the remaining 22 Churches belong to what is called the “Eastern Rites”, such as the Maronites, Ukrainian Byzantine rite, Chaldean, Coptic, Syriac, Melkite Byzantine etc in which are all under their own patriarchs in communion with the Pope of Rome; therefore the term “Catholic” in which means “universal” since Holy Mother Church is so diverse.
 Since today I will be covering the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, I will list the following rites in which the Roman Church still practices till this day. These rites list as the following:
1. The Roman Rite (Extraordinary Form being the proper form and the Sarum Rite (Anglican use from the 11th century)
2. Ambrosian

4. Mozarabic.

Each and every single one of these rites are passed down from the apostles through the Early Church Fathers, therefore the council of trent’s codification for each of these rites that were to be accepted for all time since they were older than 200 years old. To the every day Catholic, each of these rites are absolutely foreign due to the fact that the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (The True Roman rite) has been lost and forgotten after Vatican II due to liturgical experimentation with a new liturgy – in which did nothing but harm the faith; not to mention break divine law of Pope Pius V – and because most of these liturgies are only celebrated in specific dioceses, for example: the Ambrosian Rite in Milan Italy.  
Because of the fact that each of these liturgies are celebrated in Latin and are apostolic , ad Orientem, and ancient just like the Roman rite (Traditional Latin Mass); I would argue that these liturgies are also “Traditional Latin Masses”, however, different rites. So to put it simple, there is more than one form of what we know as the “Traditional Latin Mass”, however, we simply identify the “Latin Mass” as what we commonly know as the ancient Roman Rite. So for those of you who are new to Traditional Catholicism; do not be surprised when you see differences in the Ambrosian and the Mozarabic liturgy. What differences?
One good example would be that in the Ambrosian Rite, they incense the altar and the faithful ‘clock wise’ while we incense back and forth within the Roman Rite. Interesting huh? Also, while we solemnly sing Gregorian Chant, these other sacred Latin Rites have their own form of apostolic chant with their own names. You guessed it. Ambrosian and Mozarabic Chant. So I have some homework for you, learn your Latin Rite heritage and learn more about these rites that have been forgotten about. Tell Jimmy Papist that I sent you! Pax



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  1. I believe there is an Ambrosian chant for the Credo. It is very different and very beautiful. Thank you so much for this article. So many traditional Catholics are even completely ignorant that there are Catholic eastern rites. They are even more ignorant of the Latin Rites.


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