The Michael Voris camp and the gang of 9 controversy

Recently on August 14, 2015 – Christine Niles has done a report on Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez in regards to his intentions for the next extraordinary synod (Synod of Doom if you will). In the beginning of her report she states “One of the Pope’s closest advisors will be taking part in a conference whose aim is to undermine Church teaching on marriage.”

Must we go any farther than this? The fact of the matter is that this Cardinal, in whom clearly advocates for liberalization and the progress of dogmas (The very doctrine of the Modernists that His Holiness Pope St. Pius X warned about in Pescendi) , is still within the ecclesiastical ranks. Not only is this the case,he is even a member of what we know as the ‘Gang of Nine’. So where am I going with this?

It should be quite obvious that Pope Francis in some way, shape, or form accepts His Eminences’ position and is clearly not even threatened by innovation that contradicts dogma. If that were the case he would of been removed from his position and excommunicated.

 –  Jimmy Papist moment ahead –

Jimmy Papist

Okay so what’s your point? We get this already.. common sense much?

My point is that while Rome is burning; Mr. Voris and CMTV refuse to quench the fire. How so? Lets go back to last years’ synod in which Michael has openly done a report upon Pope Francis and even suggested that it might be evident that we sadly do have a bad Pope within our times. So what happened? He later removed the video and openly apologized for it.

Case in point; deep down inside he knows that there is a issue with the Francis pontificate. In addition to that; why call out EWTN and other mainstream apostolates for not speaking out against the crises in the church, the mystical Bride of Christ, when CMTV wont even openly object to the heresies of Pope Francis, even if they are material? Why not at least try to speak with the Holy Father upon this so you can ‘clear things up’? You are in contact with Cardinals and Bishops who can get you in touch with him by the way. Or will the excuse be ‘It’s not that simple’?



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2 responses to “The Michael Voris camp and the gang of 9 controversy

  1. Hey, hey A – What’s that sound…? Everybody looks what’s go’in down…!

    Took a while to get to ya, ma man – Not really sure where to go with one just yet; so, I took a breath… Let’s just say that things are not as they seem, and never as they appear – They are embedded in Art. Caution!

    “Rape of the Soul” is rated R because of the disturbing content involving demonic, violent and sexual imagery. Oh, and did I say it was catholic…?

    One of Mother Angelica’s most famous sayings that you don’t often hear about is the, “Luciferian influence in the Catholic Church.”

    Shortly after the O.C.P. discoveries, Michael Calace checked things out at E.W.T.N. only to find Mother silenced by a mysterious illness and subsequent “medication.”

    So gotcha ‘qued up right here, so go…

    And when yer finished there, please start at the beginning and watch the whole thing, if ya can stomach it… Really sorry, but:

    “It is better that scandals arise than that the truth be suppressed.”

    ~ Pope St. Gregory the Great

    It’s like I told you, the evil empire has to have its front man to control the dumb’ed down masses of brainwashed drones that seem to be so prevalent in the Norvus – Ordo crowd. It’s really sad to see. I say all of this with great sadness. I’m so sad. Sad, ya see.? – Sadducees.! Yea, that’s it.! That’s what they are, Sadducees. Ahhh, never-mind..

    “…deep down inside he knows…,” knows what Christian?

    “…why call out EWTN and other mainstream apostolates for not speaking out…” It’s his job to do so.

    It’s called controlled opposition. It really ‘is’ that simple. Voris is not who he says he is. His job is to create a movement against the corruption in the Vatican that can be easily controlled by the those who are in power. The people will gravitate towards this fake “apostolate” out of frustration and satisfy themselves that they have done enough…

    Church Militant is a Hoax. Big man is just playing his part, he is an actor.



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