The lighting of candles

“It is a great pleasure to watch a well-trained server light or extinguish candles. It is an art, and in many places a lost art, owing to the hurry, want of method, and carelessness of the one who lights them.” -Brother Dom Matthew Britt (OSB) 

Remember, brothers, first genuflect (off of the altar step), then first light the candle closest to the tabernacle upon the epistle side, step off of the altar step and genuflect in front of it (in the middle), then repeat the routine on the gospel side.

 When extinguishing candles, you repeat this is the reverse order. (Gospel side then Epistle). Note: for a low mass, only the two low candles are lit. 

Catholic encyclopedia; “(4) At low Mass celebrated by any bishop, four candles are usually lighted, although the “Caeremoniale Episcoporum” (I, cap. xxix, n. 4) prescribes this number only for the more solemn feasts, and two on feasts of lower rite. 

(5) At a strictly low Mass celebrated by any priest inferior to a bishop, whatever be his dignity, only two candles may be used.” 


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