Cardinal Sarah upon Ad Orientem

A brother in Christ has pointed out a article to me in which I found to be quite interesting. The quote that stood out to me was the one found within this very image upon Ad Orientem. As much as I am not a fan of Vatican 2 and conclude that it’s only a pastoral council (which Paul VI repeated himself), none the less this faithful Cardinal has repeated something that is nothing but pure truth. While he stated some other things such as suggesting we must listen to the council for traditional Catholicism (he is obviously mislead) he also states the following in which we see to be the case within the Novus Ordo Mass.

“The contemporary Western way of thinking, shaped by technology and dazzled by the media, has wished to turn the liturgy into a lucrative production. In this spirit, many have tried to make the celebrations festive. Prompted by pastoral motives, liturgical ministers sometimes stage celebrations into which elements of worldly entertainment are introduced. Have we not witnessed a proliferation of testimonials, acts, and applause? It is imagined that this will foster the participation of the faithful, when in fact it reduces the liturgy to a human plaything.”
To all of the Novus Ordo priests viewing this; if you won’t take the criticism from me, take it from a cardinal instead. 


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