Was the post on the LMS an “over reaction”?

Recently a couple of priests upon Facebook and their supporters stated that my post was “an over reaction”. My only question is this, how do they defend the Latin Mass society’s 20th commandment? It states the following:

“Thou Shalt Obey and Honor All Superiors Even If the Head is Lucifer”



This is Satanic, idolatrous, and blasphemous. If my previous post was – as they stated – “An overreaction” then they must explain that very quote. Is it because these people – in whom are probably modernists themselves – do not believe in the devil themselves? God forbid. 

A fellow brother in Christ has also pointed out that the courting video that I will share below has actually played music from the artist, Janis Joplin, the same artist in whom stated 

“On stage, I make love to 25,000 different people, then I go home alone.” 

Video Link

Is this a good example of chastity and purity as LMS has tried to display within their video? I don’t think so. 

Please say a rosary, a Saint Michael’s Chaplet, and 3 Hail Mary’s for this dear brother and those who work with him. Unfortunately, those within this group are deceived. 

Source: http://blog.lmsociety.com/how-to-counter-the-revolution-part-iii/



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14 responses to “Was the post on the LMS an “over reaction”?

  1. No good deed goes unpunished…

    What you have stumbled upon here is Giant Ruse that is being run down on the unsuspecting masses of useful idiots that are so prevalent in today’s Norvus Ordo Church… It doesn’t surprise me that you would have unknowingly grabbed this tiger by the tail, Christian. You have no fear!

    These people are Luciferianists, Man They are not Catholics, O.K? It goes much deeper that you even know, I’m sorry to say. Vatican 2ew has ruined the whole world. The council was the Judgement of God.

    Keep up the good work, son. I got your back.



  2. Anthony Raphael Perlas :

    Film Editor / Marketing for :

    St. Michael’s Media and Church Militant Church Militant
    St. Michael’s Media and Church Militant Church Militant
    St. Michael’s Media and Church Militant Church Militant

    These people are not who they say they are !!! They create the opposition so that they can control it. They are spiritual sodomites. Satan loads ’em up and tells them what to say.

    Oh, those pesky little words (#20)… The devil always over plays his hand. As he did here, exposing his associates for who they really are…

    I guess little “Mikey” wasn’t counting on this stupidity, was he??? Thank God for the good Bishop Athanasius, that all of his slander of the Society will soon come to an end. And for Perlas for his enlightening guilt by association… Doh!

    Ha. Pay back’s a … ain’t it Big Man…? You don’t fool me, fella. We know what you really are – (#20).


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  3. Maybe now Matt and Ferrara at the Remnant can finally realize what they are really up against here with Voris and his gang of infiltrators at Militant…

    Yea. Pay back’s a … ain’t it Mike (Big Man)…? You don’t fool me, fella. We know what you really are – (#20). And now the Gig is up! You have been exposed, for what you really are, for all to see…!

    Maybe now, Matt will listen to me…

    Expose the Hoax,



  4. rescuedbymary

    Hey! Isn’t that Mikey’s Lieutenant there with the Luciferian…???



  5. rescuedbymary

    M.V. is not who he says he is…


  6. projectshadow95

    Excellent work


  7. N. Oliveira

    Latin Mass society looks like a bunch of teenagers who have just discovered the TLM and Lady Gaga and can’t decide which they like more.


    • Ha. If it were only true… It’s far worse that, I’m afraid.

      It is difficult for me to not lose my Religion in an attempt to find the adjectives to describe what becomes so painfully obvious to anyone who has any idea at all of what they are looking at… Whew, deep breath… when they view the video of the young lady playing the part of a Catholic girl courting her bow under the watchful eye of her father; well being the father of a daughter myself involved in doing just that right now. To put it bluntly – this video is demonic.


      Oh, hey! What happened to that blog link, there, Mikey…?


      AHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Oh, man.

      What a punk you are Voris, with all your slander of the Catholic Church in Her members at the SSPX. We know you are not who you say you are, man – So give it up. Your not Catholic, dude. No Catholic would act like such a coward as you do. What you are is a mole, a Luciferian mole, that’s what. Yea, and that nut job priest friend of yours that you’ve been hop-nobbin with, too. You people are sick. You think you’ve got everybody fooled, well you don’t, fella. You don’t.

      Looks like I got you really P.O’ed there huh BIg Man, if the last couple of rants that you posted on your stupid Web Site is any indication. Amazing how one fella who is an unknown and a nobody on the internet who posts something to a blog run by a little humble alter boy, of all things, could have such far reaching implications within the Norvus- Ordo crowd. Oh, by the way, what’s it like to trample the Crumbs of Christ underfoot with the souls of your shoes, there, uh Mikey…? Just wondering.

      Remember that C.S.I. T.V. show episode, where they used the ultra-violet light to reveal the blood all over the walls of the motel room where an extremely violent murder had taken place? You know, the one where you got a real creepy feeling, looking at all the smudges and hand prints gone wrong, all over the carpet and walls of the room all the way up and onto the ceiling, with blood smeared all over the bed?

      Hey jack, why don’t you get one of those ultra-violet lights, and sneak into your Norvus-Ordo church one night, and turn it on… if you dare.



  8. Thomas

    Anthony Perlas was fired from Church Militant. Here is his official statement on the LMS FB page:
    I want to let you know that I’ve left my recent position in Michigan so that I can concentrate on finding a new role that is a better fit for me. I’m looking for opportunities in creative, graphic design, customer support, information technology, video editing, motion graphics, or digital advertising.
    If you know of any leads or opportunities, please contact me at arfperlas@gmail.com.
    Sincerely, Anthony Raphael Perlas

    I’d like to think I’ve played my role (aided by another person) as a Catholic to keep this demoniac from plaguing others by using his position in the CM.


  9. Anthony Perlas is currently going by the name Anthony Tridentine and is publishing pornography. Look him up under anthonytridentine.tumblr.com and you will see what I say is true – but look away quickly!


  10. Brandon Berryhill

    Thank You for the prayer requests for Anthony, he obviously needs some help and our Lord’s mercy and this is the first sight that I’ve seen anyone offer prayers for him, which is sad since we as Catholics are to pray for the lost. Thank You and many blessings.


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