Is the Latin Mass society Masonic? I’ll let you decide.

According to the website of the Latin Mass society, the LMS is a society in which promotes both modeling and Catholic evangelization in which intends to restore the Latin Mass, henceforth the name. In the ‘about us’ section it states the following: 

“The Latin Mass Society was quietly formed on a college campus. This ingenious blend of Catholic evangelization and aesthetic modeling was initially met with laughter by my family, friends and professors. They said that a Latin Mass Society sounded too archaic and boring; it wouldn‘t attract today’s college students. Boy, did they turn out to be wrong.”

Even though I do not like the idea of mixing Catholicism with modeling, I do credit them for trying to restore the True Mass. However, what was pointed out to me by my fellow Catholics as they blew up my Email and personal messages was the fact that there were some images that the LMS has posted in which were very disturbing. 

For those of you who are familiar with Masonic hand symbols, this is the very symbol in which the Freemasons use with their hands to symbolize the ‘all seeing eye’, the very eye of their Neo – Pagan god. We know from the book of psalms that the gods of the Pagans are Devils. “For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens.”.  See: Ps 96:5

Me and many other faithful Catholics have confronted the founder of this organization personally upon this very key issue. When he was informed about this he easily dismissed it with saying that we have “blasphemed God” and that “this symbolizes the seraphim wings” etc. Personally I find this to be absurd. Being that this organization was meant to attract college students, as stated in the ‘about us’ section that I gave reference to above, is it possible that they are trying to mix Catholicism with the world? Do not celebrities, who belong to the Freemasons, make this exact same symbol?


Considering the fact that they have easily dismissed our concerns, the members of the society later made even more images with the all seeing eye. 


 So is the Latin Mass society possibly Masonic? I’ll let you decide. Since we live in dark times and many within the Church are consequently modernists, this post was done out of concern for souls. Nothing personal as they may take it. 

Their website: Link



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13 responses to “Is the Latin Mass society Masonic? I’ll let you decide.

  1. Andrew

    I think this is an overreaction on both parts.

    How so? Is not Freemasonry the deceptive organization in which is the very enemy of the Church? What about what Pope Leo XIII stated on December 8,1892 which states: “Let us remember that Christianity and Freemasonry are essentially incompatible, to such an extent, that to become united with one means being divorced from the other.”

    You cannot serve two masters, dear brother. God Bless


    • anonymous coward

      this isn’t rocket science. Do you know anyone who gestures in that manner without PURPOSE?
      Clearly this group is aligning itself with the Free Masonic Rite.


  2. Steve

    Whatever they are they do not do justice to the TLM movement at all with really weird stuff on their page.


  3. R. M.

    It doesn’t help that they feature at least one model who has done nude scenes on film without any apparent retraction or mea culpa for her past indiscretions… or if she’s even currently Catholic. The idea sounds interesting in concept — Catholic isn’t prudish — but you cannot link “sexy” and “Catholic” without implicitly denying the effects of Original Sin.

    Oh, and the Eye of Horus gang signs is a gigantic red flag. If the head of this outfit laughs off the association with a known Masonic gesture then either he’s guilty as charged or far too naively ignorant to run an operation which aims to do Catholic evangelization.


    • Anthony Raphael Perlas :

      Film Editor / Marketing for St. Michael’s Media and Church Militant
      location Greater Detroit Area industry Marketing and Advertising

      Film Editor / Marketing at Church Militant / St. Michael's


      Church Militant / St. Michael’s Media
      Church Militant / St. Michael’s Media
      Church Militant / St. Michael’s Media

      We’re also press-recognized by the Catholic News Herald and the Cardinal Newman Society.

      We’re recognized by Life-Site News, Stand True and Fr. Z’s (WDTPRS.COM) Blog.

      Altar Server
      Archdiocese of Los Angeles (FSSP)

      Member / Officer
      Knights of Columbus

      Choir (Tenor)
      St. Thomas More Catholic Church (Oceanside, CA)

      “Thou Shalt Obey and Honor All Superiors Even If the Head is Lucifer.”
      “Thou Shalt Obey and Honor All Superiors Even If the Head is Lucifer.”
      “Thou Shalt Obey and Honor All Superiors Even If the Head is Lucifer.”

      ~Anthony Raphael Perlas


  4. Jam

    I thought this guy was creepy before I even saw this. 11 year-old models? Creeper!

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  5. I personally know that Anthony Perlas was not the original founder of the Latin Mass Society. He was given leadership by another student before his departure. This student never intended for the Latin Mass Society (originally a college club) to become what it is today. This student is a former seminarian who loves the Latin Mass and the traditionalist movement and he is enraged by what LMS has become. This student cautions against the Latin Mass Society and thanks you for addressing this issue.


  6. Thank you! I came across the Latin Mass Society last year (or so) and found them extremely weird, especially the repeated references to using “professional models”. There was also an image promoting their “wear the veil” campaign that featured a young woman in a very short transparent dress. As many commenters on that image noted, when you cover your head you should also cover your thighs. Overall I got a strange vibe and worried that this is where the traditionalist movement was heading with younger generations – more style over substance. Seeing the eye of horus pics makes some sense of this movement and my uneasiness with it, so thanks again for the info.


  7. Thomas

    Anthony Perlas was fired from Church Militant. Here is his official statement on the LMS FB page:
    I want to let you know that I’ve left my recent position in Michigan so that I can concentrate on finding a new role that is a better fit for me. I’m looking for opportunities in creative, graphic design, customer support, information technology, video editing, motion graphics, or digital advertising.
    If you know of any leads or opportunities, please contact me at
    Sincerely, Anthony Raphael Perlas

    I’d like to think I’ve played my role (aided by another person) as a Catholic to keep this demoniac from plaguing others by using his position in the CM.


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