Laus Tibi Christe

My sweet and most Holy Adorable Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me; a sinner; who has offended Thee through my own fault, through my own fault, and through my own fault alone. I thank Thee for having spared me and loving me even though I have sinned against Thee countless times throughout my life. I ask that Thou giveth me and all my dear friends, benefactors, enemies, – and all of those that I have come in contact with – the Grace to do Thy Will and to overcome sin and near occasion of sin. Breath fourth The Holy Ghost within our souls, and we shalt have life. Pour fourth thy Precious Blood upon us, and we shalt be made white as snow. Praise Be Thy Holy Name forever and ever. Save souls, especially those approaching death with sin upon theirs. Be merciful oh Sovereign King. All thou Holy Saints in Heaven, pray for us. Amen.



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