Pope Leo XIII on heretics

Have modernist, Marxist, rationalist, and Masonic views? Such as the miracles in the bible being symbolic and not true? That all religions are equal? That there is salvation outside the Church? That the sacraments are not necessary for salvation (especially Baptism), that the Church and the Bible are fallible? That Jesus isn’t God but a fallible creature? That people have the right to preach heresy or worship a false a god, especially in public? (Religious liberty). That people have the right to contracept and abort? That homosexual unions are justified by God? Congratulations, you are not Catholic. (Source: Pope Pius 9 – 12, Vatican 1, Pope Leo XIII, Canon Law 1917, Councils Nicea – Vatican 1). In support of innovation, evolution of dogma, liturgy, & ecclesiastical Tradition (departure from apostolic tradition by initiating new practices such as EMHC)? Congratulations, you are not Catholic (Source: 2nd council of Nicea, Summa theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope Saint Saint Stephen 1 etc).


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