Image: My generation is full of “Pharisees”? 

It’s time to wake up, my fellow Neo Cons. Covering up the modernist innovations within the church wont make you a saint nor will it benefit your soul since you are in borderline support of heresy. Accusing us Traditional Catholics as being “Pharisees” isn’t quite accurate since the definition does not apply to defending what the church has always taught and practiced. If  what you are saying is true then you must also conclude that the church was born at Vatican 2 and all of the 2000 years of Catholic tradition was erroneous, therefore you shouldn’t praise the church for having a lineage back to Christ through the apostles, as my dear brothers and sisters do at EWTN and Catholic answers. I will leave you with one question, when will you finally wake up to reality? It’s time to wake up and smell the incense. 


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