Michelle Arnold and liturgical disaster.


On December 15, 2015; Michelle Arnold, a staff member at Catholic Answers, has stated something on the Catholic Answers blog post “A mess a mass” something I found to be absolutely disturbing. She has stated the following:

“So, what is the common bond between these two questions? I believe the problem is that many Catholics seem to think that the Eucharistic liturgy must be presented perfectly, as if it was a Broadway show, or even as if it was a military drill. Anything that appears to deviate in the slightest from the rubrics of the Mass is considered schmaltzy at best, and sinful at worst. The common cry becomes “Why can’t priests just say the black and do the red?” (Meaning, pray the prayers of the liturgy printed in the black type, and perform the actions of the liturgy printed in red type.)

Uh oh! I think she’s challenging you, Father Z.. Continuing.. 

“But the sacramentary is not and was never intended to be a cookbook.”

Is she suggesting that the liturgy must give flexibility to liturgical disaster that we have seen since the innovative and fallible Second Vatican Council? I mean, dancing in the isles and holding hands during the Our Father is Catholic and in line with Tradition after all, right? Lets be realistic here, this is a pure absurd modernist argument. It was because of statements like these that masonic behavior crept into the Liturgy of the Church in which replaced Tradition, including the removal of the True Roman Mass for that matter.

This is why Pope Benedict XVI himself stated that “the crises we see in society today can be linked to problems of the liturgy.” For Mrs. Michelle Arnold to state that the “liturgy was never intended to be a cook book” is to also say that new practices can be initiated into the liturgy; which is something even Vatican II prohibited in (Sacrosanctum Concilium, n.22 §3) that “no one, not even a priest, may on his own add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy”. 

My only question for her is this; does session 7 of Canon 13 from the Council of Trent still apply? Or does the infallible Council of Catholic Answers now suggest that we must liberalize the liturgy, therefore anathematizing Pope Pius X for condemning the evolution of Dogma and worship when he stated “To the laws of evolution everything is subject under penalty of death — dogma, Church, worship, the Books we revere as sacred, even faith itself.” Note that the books that the church reveres as sacred is the Missal of the Mass itself.

Trent Session 7 Canon 13: “If any one saith, that the received and approved rites of the Catholic Church, wont to be used in the solemn administration of the sacraments, may be contemned, or without sin be omitted at pleasure by the ministers, or be changed, by every pastor of the churches, into other new ones; let him be anathema.”

It’s that clear, Mrs. Arnold, so where are you getting your sources? Nuns on the bus? Salt and Light TV? Jimmy Akin? Give me a break. What’s even more absurd is her next statement..

“When we attend Mass and see that others are not acting according to our expectations, there is a danger that we can judge them unfairly. For example, if the parish decides to host a Christmas pageant (whether or not a eucharistic liturgy will also occur as part of the planned program) there is a temptation to dismiss it as “cutesy” and “warm and fuzzy.”

Is that not the intention, Mrs. Arnold, when children dress up in costumes to perform a play? I mean, this does belong in the liturgy after all, right?


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