Message to the Charasmatic Movement by the Ethiopian Rite Catholics

The Charismatic Movement is contrary to the Catholic faith since it focuses upon “receiving the Holy Ghost” in such a Protestant fashion that they later deceive themselves into practices and devotions that are contrary to dogma, such as “speaking in tongues” and later resulting in a “heavenly language” which comes out to be jibberish. Since the church has never interpreted speaking in tongues to mean “speaking a heavenly language”, it must be avoided since scripture objects and states that the gift is to evangelize to people of foreign tongues, therefore the apostles going to each and every single corner of the earth to preach the gospel. This is the same gift of the Holy Ghost that padre pio used in the confessional. Also: As fun as dancing in church, running through the isles, and praying at church with contemporary may sound, it’s contrary to the rubrics of the Roman Rite and also the faith. If we pray like Protestants, we will believe like Protestants; therefore Lex Oriendi, Lex Credendi. If you want a reverent and ancient liturgy that involves clapping, banging drums, and out stretching hands, consider the ancient Ethiopian Rite of the Holy Catholic Church, a Eastern Rite 100% in communion with Rome.



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2 responses to “Message to the Charasmatic Movement by the Ethiopian Rite Catholics

  1. You are absolutely correct, young man. I have been saying this for years. Benedicite Deum.


  2. Bla bla tongue bla, the keys to my Honda…



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