Bishop of Orlando Turns Down Weeping Catholic

The following article is from my brothers at the CPPXII. I find the story to be quite disturbing..

ORLANDO, Fla. – After mass today, a young man came to Bishop Noonan in tears only to be turned away with a heartless response.

Bishop John Noonan was approached by Fernando Ramos, weeping over the state of his home parish, St. Issac-Joques Catholic Church. St. Issac-Joques, like many churches in the Orlando diocese, has suffered greatly to the so-called “Spirit of Vatican II.”

“I came up to him and kissed his ring,” said Ramos. “I begged him to look into St. Issac-Joques and I cried in front of him.”

“He said if I didn’t like it, I have to go to a new parish.”

Instead of being helped or comforted by the bishop, Ramos was instead told that “he had no peace in his heart.”  Ramos, later said that he wanted to fix the liturgical abuse that runs rampant in his home parish.



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