Daily Post: The Liturgy and Dogma 

 As faithful Catholics that are obedient to Tradition, how often do we hear from our Neo – Catholic friends that the liturgy must evolve and change in order to attract the youth and non Catholics? We are usually told that clapping, having contemporary music, and lay participation within the liturgy, such as lectoring, EMHC etc. are ways to get people to come to church so that they can feel welcome, which in reality is only a absurd strategy to entertain the faithful rather than to meditate upon the fact that we are present at Calvary.

Why is it that we faithful Traditional Catholics are against such a idea?
The Liturgy hands down the sacred Traditions that was always accepted and upheld by the church which identifies the dogmas of the faith, such as the real presence. For example, in the Canon of the Old Rite of the Roman Church the priest prays:
Latin:”Quam oblatiónem tu Deus, in ómnibus quæsumus, benedictam, adscriptam, ratam, rationábilem, acceptabilémque fácere dignéris: ut nobis Corpus, et Sanguis fiat dilectíssimi Filii Tui Dómini nostri Jesu Christi.”
English: “Which oblation do Thou, O God, vouchsafe in all respects, to bless, approve, ratify, make worthy and acceptable; that it may be made for us the Body, and Blood of Thy Most beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord” which is clearly defining the fact that we uphold a real sacrifice is to be made and that the substances of Bread and Wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ.
When the liturgy is watered down with secular ideas and practices, the faith is then removed and the emphasis on a re-presentation of the sacrifice of Calvary is lost which can possibly invalidate the Mass if the liturgy lacks four pillars: Matter, form, intention, and proper (a validly ordained priest).
When we look back into 16th century history, we see that the intention of changing the liturgy was the idea of Martin Luther in order to reject defined dogmas of the Church by replacing the liturgy with innovative practices to replace Apostolic Tradition, something that the Council of Trent infallibly declared anathema, thus Trent Session 7 Canon 16 and the moto propio of Pope Pius V.
The 1955 Marian Missal, in continuation with the Roman, Trent, and Baltimore catechism, it states the following:
“The Holy Mass is the unbloody Sacrifice of the New Law in which the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ is offered to God under the species of bread and wine. The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass is the Sacrifice of the Cross, without blood shedding. On the stone of the altar and the wood of the Cross the same Priest, Jesus Christ, dedicates the same Sacrifice, His Holy Body and Blood. If this were always borne in mind, with what deep respect would Mass be attended”.

Since the liturgies of the Church passed down by the apostles before Vatican 2 hands down tradition and dogma of the church, such as the Roman Rite (Extraordinary Form), Ambrosian Rite, Byzantine Rite etc, that is to be held by all those who identify as Catholic, how could we say that the liturgy must evolve in order to please the people which is only false ecumenism since there is no intention to convert the sinner, heretic, schismatic, apostate, or infidel to the one true faith and educate them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whom is the way and the truth and the life?


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