Saint Thomas Aquinas refuses the idea of EMHC 

  After reading The Summa of Saint Thomas Aquinas, a doctor of the Church, upon the topic of the Eucharist on this feast of Corpus Christi I found some statements in which he outright rejects the idea of laymen distributing Holy Communion. Let’s examine them, shall we? 

• “Only the ordained priest can change bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ in the name of Christ. Ordinarily, too, only the ordained priest can dispense this sacrament to the people in communion. The priest does what Christ did at the Last Supper. Christ consecrated bread and wine. He distributed His Body and Blood to His Apostles. The Priest consecrates bread and wine and distributes it to the people.”

• The Eucharist is God’s gift to the people. Again, the Eucharist is a sacred thing. It can be touched only by consecrated or sacred things. The linen cloth – the corporal, on which the Body of Christ rests on the Altar, the Chalice in which the Blood of Christ rests are consecrated for this purpose. So too, the hands of the priests are blessed and consecrated so that they may handle this sacrament worthily”.

• The priest consecrates bread and wine in the Sacrifice of the Mass. But whoever offers sacrifice must share in the sacrifice. The outward sacrifice is a sign of the inner by which he offers himself to God. By sharing in the external sacrifice he shows that he is making the internal sacrifice. For this reason, the priest who celebrates Mass must receive the Eucharist in communion at the Mass. Moreover, he dispenses this sacrament to others in communion. He himself out to receive first. In this way, he proves to the people that he is the dispenser of divine gifts”. 

This is what I have been saying all along. Our Lord deserves respect in the Blessed Sacrament and must be shown reverence. Pope Pius V, Pray for us.



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