The Crises after Vatican II – Communion in the hand

One of the many widespread abuses that has crept its way within Holy Mother Church after the Second Vatican Council was the practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hands, which began in the late 1960s. Not only is this abuse sacrilege because of its lack of reverence for our Lord in The Blessed Sacrament, but it also initiates grave danger because of the very fact that particles from the Sacred Host are left upon the fingers and palms of the communicate, later to be trampled upon after being brushed off of the hands and onto the ground. As an altar boy who currently serves in the Novus Ordo because of my duty to restore as much reverence as possible for our Lord with the best of my availability (since the ancient rite is not yet offered where I am located), I have witnessed these very practices which do nothing but cause me to flinch, close my eyes out of fear and sorrow, and weep inside. If even the celebrant has to cleanse his hands very carefully after consecrating the Sacred Host and dispensing Holy Communion to the faithful to avoid the Sacred Particles and Precious Blood from spilling, what gives one the impression that particles are not left upon the hands of the communicates?

By the Sacred Host simply making contact with the paten, Particles are left upon it which explains why the sacred instruments, including the chalice and paten, have to be cleansed carefully within themselves in the sacristy in the first place! Some may even make the claim and excuse that the particles are not part of the Blessed Sacrament, thus it isn’t Christ Himself, but rather just bread crumbs. This is blasphemy and heresy. Pope Pius X’s catechism makes it very clear when it states the following:

Question 24 – “Is Jesus Christ as much in a particle of a Host as in a whole Host?” Answer: Yes, the same Jesus Christ is just as much in a particle of a Host as a whole host”. The Holy Roman Catholic Church professes that Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, is present in the Blessed Sacrament under the appearances of bread and wine after the Consecration. Holy Mother Church professes that if anyone rejects this very dogma that is both biblical and passed down from the apostles through sacred tradition, let them be anathema.

Sadly, as a result of the practice of reception of Holy Communion in the hand in addition to being to being catechized with the heretical Dutch catechism of 1966, that published over 400,000 copies in The Netherlands and several other countries in Europe and the Americas, 70 percent of Catholics lost the belief in the real presence since they were informed with the very statement that “A modern adult Catholic must feed oneself and not receive on the tongue like little children” and that we were supposedly returning to an ancient practice in regards to Saint Cyril of Alexandria’s quote “Make your left hand a throne for your right and receive the King to receive the King, saying Amen”.

In reality, my brothers and sisters in Christ, Saint Cyril of Alexandria was addressing an ancient abuse of his time, thus the reception of Holy Communion in the hands is only the resurrection of an ancient abuse, and the results make the very fruits of this practice clear! Not only is the Blessed Sacrament profaned through reception in the hands due to the particles remaining upon them and later upon the floor, but it also gives a wider possibility of the Satanists and freemasons to steal the host to perform blasphemous and satanic “black masses” which was one reason why Saint Cyril of Alexandria was addressing this abuse in the first place, to prevent scandal! Some, such as Matt Frad, may state that we must not dogmatize a discipline, however, does he and many others not realize that discipline which is in line with ancient apostolic tradition reflects dogma, thus Saint Thomas Aquinas’ famous statements upon “ Lex oriendi, Lex Credendi”? Some may say “But doesn’t Rome accept this practice?” In response I will close with a quote from ‘’

“Rome does allow it, unfortunately, but Rome also specifically discourages it and has from the beginning. In Memoriale Domini , the document allowing communion-in-the-hand, Pope Paul VI strongly encouraged kneeling and receiving communion-on-the-tongue as the “traditional practice”. He also wrote: “This method of distributing Holy Communion must be retained, taking the present situation of the Church in the entire world into account, not merely because it has many centuries of-tradition behind it, but especially because it expresses the faithful’s reverence for the Eucharist. The custom does not detract in any way from the personal dignity of those who approach this great sacrament: it is part of that preparation that is needed for the most fruitful reception of the Body of the Lord.”

Read the last sentence again. For reasons that are beyond comprehension, Paul VI’s very clear and concise directives are completely ignored in the Church today. In fact, many religious leaders encourage the exact opposite of what Pope Paul VI instructed.

Saint Tarcisus, Pray for us that reverence for our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament may be restored for the love of Him and His Kingship. Amen


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