What we have lost


After the Second Vatican Council many have come to the conclusion that the Ancient Roman Rite was to be abolished. Since this was a huge misunderstanding; many Priests in the post-Concilliar church began to stop celebrating the Ancient Rite since this was done in the “spirit of Vatican II.”

Sadly; since the ancient liturgy was abandoned which was uncalled for, and not even requested by the faithful, many Catholics have apostatized from the faith due to the lack of catechesis and understanding of basic Catholic theology which was taught in the Traditional Mass; such as the emphasis on the Real presence, intercession of saints, prayers for the souls in purgatory, prayers for church unity and the conversion of heretics, schismatics, pagans, and the Jews etc.

Since by the Grace of God His Holiness Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI has reminded the faithful that the ancient Roman Rite was not abandoned; it gave us the blessing to help restore Traditional Catholicism since the liturgy presents the center of our faith; the Eucharist, which becomes present in the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass; the representation of Calvery.

Let us continue to pray for the restoration of the faith. As Father Malachi Martin stated in a 1997 phone interview when asked when he thinks traditional Catholicism will begin being restored in the Post Concilliar Church; his response was “in two decades.” In the year of 2014; we are seeing that many Catholics; while slow in the process, are realizing what they have lost; their heritage and faith of their ancestors.
– Christian



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