Paganism at Holy Family Retreat Center – Hartford, CT


schubertMy fellow Catholics; meet Paul & Peggy Schubert. These two have planned on hosting a event containing meditation with pagan rites on Catholic ground at the Holy Family retreat center located in West Hartford. According to the Link which lists the practices which were to take place, it states the following:

“Many people have discovered in Zen a profound connection to life. Through the practice of stillness and awareness, we can wake to a world of wonder and gratitude for life in all its aspects. This silent retreat offers the opportunity to deepen this connection, strengthened by the presence of others. It is open to men and women of all backgrounds. It includes zazen (seated meditation), kin-hin (walking meditation), dharma talks, chanting, and daisan (both formal and informal one-on-one interviews). There will be additional instruction and support available for beginners”

The fact that this is taking place at a retreat center that is focused on Catholic spirituality is both blasphemous and idolatrous. It Is impossible to benefit from pagan spirituality since participating in such false worship is a sin against faith, apostasy, which results in Mortal Sin; thus you can not obtain Grace, especially since this involves in worshiping false gods (in reality devils). This explains why Buddha is behind the two hosts, Paul & Peggy Schubert, which explains the event’s very nature.

Lets carefully examine the background of Paul Schubert; shall we? As mentioned on the same exact link; the presenter profile gives us clear information which states: “Paul Schubert is a Zen teacher in the White Plum lineage. He studied with Fr. Robert Kennedy in New Jersey, who installed him as sensei in 2007.”

Wait stop Christian; why did you bold the name of the priest? Who is he?”

Good question! Father Robert Edward Kennedy, also known as “Harada Roshi” is a American Jesuit priest (no surprise there) who joined the Jesuits on August 8th, 1951 and later became a priest in Japan in the year of 1965. He is populary known for studying with Yamada Koun; whom was the former leader of the Sanbo Kyodan lineage of Zen Buddhism in the 1970s. Father Robert Kennedy was later installed as a zen teacher of the White Plum Asagna lineage in 1991 and was given the title “Roshi” in 1997, henceforth; Harada Roshi (meaning master or leader). So it is easy to come to the conclusion that this priest has apostasized from the faith of the Church and even till this day continues to practice the false religion of Buddhism at the age of 81. He is currently an elder in the Zen Peacemaker Order founded in 1996. Sadly; this priest has taught theology at Saint Peter’s College in New Jersey; which explains Paul Schubert’s education and beliefs in Zen Buddhism.

These people in no way shape or form belong in public ministry among Catholics and I am more than glad this event was cancelled; and I pray the Archdiocese of Hartford responds and does not let them continue working within Catholic ground. Their very practices are against the first commandment; so they must be avoided at all costs.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, the great doctor of the Church stated the following:

“The First Commandment which relates to the love of God is: “You shall not have strange gods.” For an understanding of this Commandment, one must know how of old it was violated. Some worshipped demons. “All the gods of the Gentiles are devils” [Ps 95:5]. This is the greatest and most detestable of all sins. Even now there are many who transgress this Commandment: all such as practice divinations and fortune-telling. Such things, according to St. Augustine, cannot be done without some kind of pact with the devil. “I would not that you should be made partakers with devils” [1 Cor 10:20].


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